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Anyone flying with Joe Schuster?
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Buskill 04-Aug-22
llamapacker 04-Aug-22
ki-ke 04-Aug-22
Mule Power 04-Aug-22
Buskill 05-Aug-22
From: Buskill
Anyone gonna fly out with Joe Schuster this fall for moose ?

From: llamapacker
I have flown with Joe in the past, but not this year. Have fun! Bill

From: ki-ke
If memory serves, Joe is no longer outfitting moose hunts.

From: Mule Power
I have in the past. If he’s not doing them you may be able to hire him to fly you for a drop with your own gear. That’s what I did.

From: Buskill
He is still transporting hunters. I have spoken with him back around first of the year I guess. Just wondering if anyone was flying out with him this particular year or definitely in the future.

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