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How would you attack? Your gameplan?
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soccern23ny 06-Aug-22
From: soccern23ny

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1... wind is generally in your face. 2... elk are 1000 yards away. .59miles as the crow flies 3... all 3 elk are bedded down. 4... all pics taken from the same spot. "that way and this way" pics showing far left and far right edges mountain face they are on/terrain you have to work with. 5... Took pics whiles standing on a infrequently to moderately used hiking trail. 6... essentially at the top of a mountain so they could run/dump into 4 major directions/other sides of the mountain(one of them being the direction i came from/at me) 7... I can only assume they know i(you) was there already.

From: bowhunt
Are you bow hunting? Rifle hunting? Time of year? Time of day? 3 cows? 3 bulls? 1 bull 2 cows? What do youhave a tag for? Is it a spike, rag horn, or herd bull if there is a bull?

Why are you assuming elk 1000 yards away already know you are there?

That is a loooong ways away

Lots of variables to your questions

From: JohnMC
First of I'd make sure my MAGA hat is on straight. Then I'd tuck in my Lets Go Brandon shirt....

Bowhunt it can't be a gun hunt because he is rapid socialist against anyone that would protect his second amendment rights.

From: soccern23ny
cows and you got a cow tag.

or whatever scenario where it's "lets fill the freezer" we only got a day or so left.

I assumed they could see me because it was open as hell where i was. But yes it is very far.

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