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Best Thumb Release for Hunting?
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Bigwoods 10-Aug-22
dakotaduner 10-Aug-22
ND String Puller 10-Aug-22
midwest 10-Aug-22
From: Bigwoods
Any suggestions here? I currently use a TRU Ball Pro Diamond.


From: dakotaduner
I will not recommend anything but would suggest the one that feels the best and you are most confident in and shoot unconsciously. Even with all the shooting I have done I still have to tell myself Peep Sight, Pick a spot and pull through. Yep I get a little excited

You will probably get many different answers. Duner is right... confidence is the key. I shoot a very similar release as you. I’m was looking for silent and fast to hook up. And I wanted to be able to keep it attached to the d-loop for tree stand sits.

I added a removable buckle wrist strap for stalking. I can adjust it so it aligns to my hand every time i grab it. Also found out I’m more accurate with the tether being loose and not having any added tension to the release at full draw.

Fwiw... and like many others have done...spent a bunch of money on different releases but I have always went back to the tru ball for hunting.

From: midwest
Dudley's Nock 2 It or Carter Wise Choice. I've used both of these and they are top notch.

Others I haven't shot but get very good reviews are the Stan Perfex if you can find one or their new Onnex, Truball Abyss or Blade Pro.

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