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What Tether With a Rock Climbing Harness
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Bigwoods 10-Aug-22
midwest 10-Aug-22
KHNC 11-Aug-22
raghorn 11-Aug-22
RT 11-Aug-22
blackbear62 11-Aug-22
PAOH 11-Aug-22
Lost Arra 11-Aug-22
From: Bigwoods
I just got a rock climbing harness. I don't like the idea of using a standard tether and having the carabiner connected to the belay loop due to the potential for noise via contact with my bow or anything else. Has anyone found a decent tether that eliminates this issue?


From: midwest
I wrap my carabiners with hockey tape.

From: KHNC
Yes, wrapping with tape is the way to do it. I have used a saddle for years. I dont know of a better solution.

From: raghorn
8 on a bight

From: RT
I use the looped end of my lineman's belt.

From: blackbear62
I used my looped end also.

From: PAOH
I use a continuous loop & choke that thru the harness & use the carabiner onto the lifeline. Also I wrap the caribabiner

From: Lost Arra
No carabiner on belay loop. Girth hitch with Beal Dynaclip

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