Airbows and the camel's nose
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From: DanaC

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Is this the beginning of the end? How long before the profiteers stop being satisfied with limited seasons and push for use in the archery season? For those of us in the 'f* crossbows' camp it's deja vu all over again.

"Oklahoma Legalizes Airbows for Upcoming Big-Game Hunting Seasons

The state game commission voted unanimously to allow the air-powered implement during the regular rifle seasons, but not during bow seasons "

From: sitO
Its the right thing to keep them in the gun season, as X-guns should be, but nobody's gonna use those air-guns.

From: Machino
I think compounds should also be in the rifle season. Wheels, sights, magnifiers, triggers, doinkers, lighted nocks, range finders. Who are you guys kidding anymore.…. Lots of good shots these days. Cant hunt worth a sh**

Beginning of the end? We blew by that road sign many years ago.

Most ignored it and hit the gas instead of pausing to look at the map. Anyone surprised at where it's headed hasn't been paying attention for decades.

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