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Javelina Outfitters
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Brknarrow1970 16-Aug-22
fdp 16-Aug-22
hunt forever 17-Aug-22
hunt forever 05-Sep-22
Arrowflinger 11-Jan-23
fdp 11-Jan-23
Ken 12-Jan-23
RK 12-Jan-23
bghunter 12-Jan-23
milnrick 12-Jan-23
Muddyboots 14-Jan-23
Foxwillkill 29-Mar-23
I am looking to do a javelina hunt in Texas , I am looking for outfitter recommendations as primarily looking to bow-hunt them. Most of the others in the local circle have no interest in hunting them but has been something I have contemplated for a while. Hoping to get some viable starting points and go from there Thanks in advance

From: fdp
Call these guys and talk to them. 2900 E Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801 (830) 278-4000

From: hunt forever
I'm also interested in an archery javelina hunt.

From: hunt forever
Any other recommendations ranches for javelina?

From: Arrowflinger
Does anyone know of ranches to hunt around the Edwards Plateau? Or a good ranch anywhere in Texas.

From: fdp
The Edwards Plateau covers a pretty big piece of course try.

Call Oasis Outback.

From: Ken
I've hunted several times with Pedernal Bowhunts near Laredo. Jerry Gonzales is the owner - 956-645-2775.

Some areas of the Edward's Plateau have javelina but the populations are much higher in South Texas and West Texas.

From: RK
If you are interested in a hunt in far west Texas near Big Bend National Park (there are lots of javelina out there) PM me, and I’ll give you a guys name in Alpine Texas

With regards to calling the oasis outback in Uvalde it might help for him to know who to talk to in the store. Gun Dept, Archery Fishing Dept, front checkout desk?

From: bghunter
Listen to RK. You won't be disappointed.

From: milnrick
Follow either RK's or Ken's recmendations, both will give sound advice.

I've known Jerry for 20+ years and hunted with him.

Both he and RK know where and with whom to hunt with.

From: Muddyboots
Ken x 2

From: Foxwillkill
Did you find someone to hunt javelina with. We just got back from another great javelina hunt. PM if I can help.

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