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From: goelk
ok where is the best place to spotting in morning and evening on top of mountain. i suck at this bad

From: Tilzbow
Funny thing about deer/elk/sheep etc is they are where you find them.

You’ll need to provide more information such as species, region, time of year, etc to get some useful advice.

From: Goelk
Elk deer sept archery Colorad

From: greg simon
Type a complete sentence and maybe you will receive a complete answer.

From: APauls
39.749270, -104.950609

This is the best place to be spotting.

From: GFL

GFL's embedded Photo
GFL's embedded Photo

From: Whatthefoc
Goelk or Noelk? Hike til you spot em. Remember to take the lens cover off.

From: Bowaddict
It’s Colorado, it’s not like on t.v. Get in the dark timber and find them instead of wasting days on a hill scanning for elk that have learned not to be in the open in daylight after pressure starts. Unless of course your on private or limited draw area:)

From: Beendare
I spot them on private land a lot- grin

I never have brought a spotter on my Archery elk hunts but use them in rifle season guiding in Az.

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