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Rangefinder Feedback
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Buffalo1 20-Aug-22
yeager 20-Aug-22
APauls 20-Aug-22
Bou'bound 20-Aug-22
Ucsdryder 20-Aug-22
groundhunter50 21-Aug-22
Buffalo1 21-Aug-22
Bou'bound 21-Aug-22
SoDakSooner 22-Aug-22
From: Buffalo1
Looking at 2 rangefinders- a Vortex Crossfire HD 1400 and a Leupold RX-1400i. Does anyone have any firsthand experience or knowledge of either of these rangefinders. Will be using the rangefinder for hunting and golfing. Tks

From: yeager
Not the 1400, but I do have the Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W. I like it much better than my RX-1200i TBR/W. The red lighted reticle is much easier to see in low light conditions. It also measures to 10ths of a yard, if you are that good of a shot.

From: APauls
The Leupold RX TBR series rangefinders work beautifully. I’m on my second one. Fantastic in use. Just bear in mind the LED’s burn out and when they do you’re SOL. No warranty…all because of a 10 cent bulb. Ask me how I know. I got a discount out on the 2nd one because my first reached end of life. For same money I think you can do better. I didn’t realize they were a term product

From: Bou'bound

From: Ucsdryder
I wouldn’t buy a leupold for any price. Crap product with a crap warranty. I liked the sig a lot. My buddy has a Leica and it’s very impressive. The high end vortex are also very nice and the warranty can’t be beat!

I sold my Vortex, and bought a Sig,,,,,,,,,,,,,, very happy with my Sig

From: Buffalo1
Well folks the hunt is over. I just purchased a Sig Kilo1000. I think it will provide the performance and durability that I am looking for both hunting and golfing.

I've had a Bushnell Elite 1500 since they were first introduced which was about 20-25 yrs. ago. I has been very accurate and dependable, but I realize every thing has self life. I was time to upgrade.

Thank every one for your input and comments.

From: Bou'bound
Good choice

From: SoDakSooner
I just picked up a ranger 1300 yesterday. Seems good so far and definitely like the angle finding features (and the lighted display) Like you, my bushnell yardage pro scout is a bit long in the teeth. Geez that thing has to be close to 20 years old. Still worked ok, but had lenses falling out and just didn't want to have to worry about it fogging up as it was no longer sealed. Plus it was a huge battery hog and had some kind of parasitic drain on it and was not lighted. Good at the range though. I'll pass it down to my kid.

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