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Antelope decoy experience
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recurve43 22-Aug-22
RD 22-Aug-22
JohnMC 22-Aug-22
elkmtngear 22-Aug-22
Brotsky 22-Aug-22
Don K 22-Aug-22
drycreek 22-Aug-22
From: recurve43
Looking for your go to decoy suggestions

From: RD
If you are going during the rut like I have done for a few years I would highly recommend a full body doe decoy, they seem to come to them really well.

From: JohnMC
I find this time of year they like to stare at a decoy for a bit then walk away. Late September in October much more effective.

From: elkmtngear
Stalk in with a Moo Cow decoy, you can close the gap, regardless of rut stage.

From: Brotsky
My experience is they run REALLY fast. Sometimes to you, most of the time away from you!

From: Don K
I wish I had a Moo Cow last year, cattle all around and they didnt care one bit about them. I was a bit before the rut but had some good luck with the Ultimate Predator Antelope decoy that mounts on the bow.

From: drycreek
From what little I’ve decoyed, you need to manage to get in their comfort zone before you pop the decoy on them. If you aren’t close enough to be a threat they will take their girls and haul ass. It is great fun when it works though !

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