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Old cow bison taste?
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DonVathome 24-Aug-22
Buffalo1 28-Aug-22
DanaC 29-Aug-22
wytex 29-Aug-22
Buffalo1 29-Aug-22
Lost Arra 07-Sep-22
From: DonVathome
I got an average cow bison and it was AMAZING, how does an old cow bison taste? Tough?

From: Buffalo1
Depends on age, weight and physical condition.

Any details?

From: DanaC
Younger critters are 'generally' more tender and older ones more 'flavorful' but as said above, it depends on specifics. (Nutrition/food type and quality etc. factor in.)

From: wytex

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The burger is hard to beat if tough. Our oldest was 6 1/2, she was great and had nice horns too.

From: Buffalo1
If you want good meat focus on a 900-1000# animal.

From: Lost Arra

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I would really like to try this. The problem is getting the bison.

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