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Hiking shoe sizing
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From: DonVathome
O noticed all my hiking shoes, and most boots, tend to be 1/2 size large then my everyday shoes. My "dress" shoes, boat shoes etc are all size 11. Most of my hiking shoes and light hiking boots are size 11.5

Most of my tennis shoes are size 11.5

How do your hiking shoes sizes compare to everyday shoes?

From: Supernaut
I was just having a similar discussion with my son about shoe sizing the other day.

I can honestly find no rhyme or reason on sizing differences between styles or manufacturers. I'm a size 8.5. I just bought a new pair of work boots, size 8 fit the best. Bought a pair of Muck Artic Pros a couple years ago, size 9. LL Bean boots, size 9. Tennis shoes 8-9 depending on make.

I'm going to get a pair of Danner Pronghorns in the next week or so but I'll be trying them on at the store.

I honestly wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without being able to try them based solely on the differences in sizing I've experienced.

From: midwest
Mine always seem to be true to size. Always a size 10 for everything.

...'cept maybe my Hey Dudes. They could be about a half size bigger.

From: Heat
Same as you, 1/2 size smaller in dress shoes. A lot of that has to do with approoriate socks.

Love my “Hey dudes”.

From: DonVathome
I get sizing varies and socks make a difference. In my case 90% of my regular shoes (dress, boat, nice shoes) are size 11. 90% of my hiking boots and tennis shoes are size 11.5. I am talking about 10 pairs of each - and size 11 fit with the same socks I wear hiking.

From: goyt
I agree with the socks comment. In addition, it does have a lot to do with the manufacture. I once spoke with Kenetrek's CS and was told that they have standardized form for each size and each boot is built so that the inside of the boot conforms to the form. I spoke to Rocky CS and was told that they do not standardize forms for one manufacturing location to another. Additionally the outer covering of the boot is often made to the form with the liners and insulation added inside so that a 9D uninsulated will not fit the same as a 9D insulated in the same boot line from the same manufacturer. Insulation would probably add 1/2 to 1 size.

From: RonP
dress, pac, leather hike/hunt boots, work boots, etc. all the same size.

Midwest x2 on the hey dudes….could def go up half a size from the 10… lol. Boots are always 10.5 most of my casual boat shoes or nikes etc are 10 tho

From: Pop-r
I've got two pair of those pronhorns in the box (13) if anybody wanted to buy them pretty cheap. I wore one pair of them 1/4 mile away from the truck and a quarter back and if it had been much further I'd been crying.

From: HDE
All are the same.

Pop-r that’s not a very good sales pitch hahahah!

From: Blood
My crocs fit perfect and so do my Mandals. I’ll throw on some nice calf high white cotton socks if they’re a little loose.

From: Kidwalker
I understand perfectly what your saying about upsizing active footwear. I always buy hunting shoes 1 full size up. Feet swell after extensive use , especially after multiple days afield. A looser fit eliminates tight spots and improve circulation.

From: DonVathome
Interesting. My running shoes that I ran a marathon in are 11.5 - which really makes me think that I need a half size bigger for active footwear. Bigger socks is always a plan but I hate hot feet.

Not sure if you guys do this but when you stop to take a break during long hikes it feels AMAZING to take off your boots & socks. I let them air out. Really nice. If you can wash your feet at the same time it feels almost good enough not to miss my lady.

From: Jaquomo
What goyt said. I have a good friend who used to be an Executive at one of the big boot companies. He said the sizing is inconsistent due to styles, insulation, and inconsistencies between lasts in the Asian manufacturing facilities where they are made.

My boot and shoe sizes range between 11-12 depending upon which make and model.

From: DanaC
No substitute for trying on, with the socks you intend to wear.

My feet are happiest with a good fit, thin liner sock and a mid-weight wool blend sock. I can wear this combo in summer heat and my feet stay comfortable.

From: Scrappy
Had to Google Hey dudes:):)

From: Boris
I just got a pair of Danner Pronghorns. I wear 9.5 in all of my other footwear. But, these boots, I had to get them in a size 10 EE.

From: Bigdog 21
Insoles,, thickness and design, you can take to shoes one with walking insoles and one with running , are high arch and low ,they will fit different. Extra padded are standard..

From: Glunt@work
I vary from 11 to 12. Hey Dudes are 13. If they made 1/2 sizes, 12.5 would be better. I have wide feet so rarely have luck buying without trying on.

From: jjs
I live in Red Wing, Mn. (boot factory) and was down to the outlet store recently checking out their 2nds. The store clerk discussed the size changes in the boots and said to measure your feet to the conditions you are using the boot/shoe in, what your usually size is can be different from what is marked, depends if they are outsource or not.

Highly advice to try them first with normal socks that will be wearing and remeasure your foot for a good day in the field, getting older will change your foot also. Enjoy the hunt.

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