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Another Onx question.
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From: Boris
Hear is the issue. My wife has been yapping at me to have something better to track me when I am hunting. I hunt by myself. Mostly in Pa and Oh. I am looking at the Onx Elite package. Mainly because I am looking at an elk hunt in a year or two. I am not that tech or phone savy. Right now, I don't live with my phone, only during hunting season. But, that is changing. I do like the Elite package because of the many States you get. How easy is it to get the program. Then to learn to navigate. How is the support system. Any detail report would be appreciated. thanks

From: Bob H in NH
Onx is very easy to use to navigate, download maps when you won't have service and put the phone on airplane mode. You show as a blue dot on the map. Can use tracking to see your path makes it easy to stay going in the right direction

From: Grey Ghost
I believe the OnX website also has some excellent tutorials. I’ve found the app to be very easy to use. My old GPS just gathers dust on a shelf ever since I started using OnX.


Your wife won't be able to track you thru OnX though, it's a mapping app, not a communication app. If you want to be able to stay connected while you're gone hunting and she's home you'll need something like a Garmin Inreach.

From: Blood
Boris, what Mike said. ^

But if you have coverage where you are hunting, with OnX, you can send her a waypoint (as long as she downloads the app) and she can see your location. Otherwise, the Garmin InReach is the ticket.

Or she could probably see his waypoint on a home computer with OnX loaded on it...

From: Mule Power
The only way she can track you is if you drop waypoints. You could also add notes to those waypoints.

But…. For her to see waypoints you drop you would have to have an internet signal. When you’re in the back country with no signal you can drop and use waypoints but your internet database won’t update until you use the system somewhere with internet.

You need a Garmin Inreach.

From: Helgermite
Another option if you have cell service is to send text messages with a screenshot from OnX. or to share your location (OnX feature) but I think that would required another OnX account.

From: Brotsky
Boris, just tell her that you want her to get an app to track her time and spending at Target. It won't be a problem anymore :)

From: Boris
One thing about my phone, it has a gps system and tracking system. IF I turn it on. I will turn it on when I am hunting. I am really looking to get the ONX maps to help me study the areas that I plan to hunt. By getting the Elite Package it gives me everything for 100.00 per year. If I get 3-4 States, that's like 30.00 per State per year. Or would you guys think it would be easier for me to contact their customer service. For some stupid reason, I can no longer get Google Earth. Don't know why. I've tried everything, nothing.

From: bigeasygator
So you don’t need a better tracking system? That seemed to be your reason for looking at OnX in the first post. Regardless, if you need location sharing while you are off the grid, I’d look at an inReach. As far as a GPS product, OnX does everything I want one to do and more, and you can share location if you are on the grid (ie, connected to cell/internet).

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