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VaporTrail Rest
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From: goyt
Many years ago I purchased a Vaportrail Pro-V rest. While practicing for my upcoming elk hunt the launcher cracked at the V. I was shocked and immediately called Vaportrail to find out how that could have happened. Luke told me that with the older style of launcher the sudden stop could cause the launcher to break with time. The launcher has been redesigned to be more rounded and the stop has been changed to reduce the stress. If I would send it to them, they would fix it for free. Happy with the response I sent it to them and purchased a new one so I could get my bow tuned and shoot.

I received the old rest back. It had been updated to match the new one that I had just purchased. Every nut and bolt had been replaced and they had all been rusted. If not for the extra mole skin that I had put on the guard, I would have thought that it was a new rest. All for free on a rest that might have been 10+ years old. I was told that they would do a one day turn around and they must have. They even threw in some extra mole skin for the launcher. What great service!

From: midwest
I liked mine but I like my Hamskea better. That's great to hear about their CS.

If anyone is looking to try one out, there are usually a few on AT for sale. That's where I just sold mine.

From: Scrappy
Same happened to mine with the same awesome CS. I have one on both bows.

Yep. That’s what I shoot.

From: Bill in MI
VP limb driver has been my favorite rest to date.

From: Bowfreak
One thing to remember is to make sure your cable is adjusted just to the point to keep the launcher down. That will reduce some of the stress on the launcher.

I used a pro V for a couple of years and I too broke a launcher. They are good rests, but like Midwest said, I prefer the Hamskea now.

From: carcus
The pro v is a great rest from my experience, cant say the same about the limb driven ripcord, mine broke after 4 or 5 shooting sessions, replaced it with a epsilon

From: x-man
I've never had an issue using my index finger to hold the arrow on the shelf when/if I should ever need to tilt my bow sideways. For that reason, I find the original VT Pro to be the better rest. It holds the arrow about 1-1/2" farther forward than the Pro-V, which improves the forgiveness greatly.

From: fdp

From: carcus
the pro-v is a good rest, the ripcords are junk mine broke as well after maybe 5 sessions, I have the new hamskea epsilon, its awesome, only thing I do not like is the vertical adjustment dial is hard to adjust as it sits so close to the cable guard

I heard heard some issues about the new generations of rests. Had my original pro v on 8 different bows and sold it with the last bow I had. Debated on several options but ended up going back with original gen 1 pro v and I love. Fingers crossed have never had issue with these rests, great rests and great company!!!

From: Ermine
I had a limb driver fail and cost me a big buck. I switched to Hamskea and never looked Back. Much better rest in my Opinion

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