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Still velvet in OR???
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TD 01-Sep-22
elkocd 01-Sep-22
nmwapiti 01-Sep-22
TD 02-Sep-22
From: TD
Hearing from some OR hunters they are seeing a bunch of bulls still in velvet right now.... like half of them or more? What have you folks been seeing? Normal year or things running a bit late?

From: elkocd
We've been on a herd of 150+ elk with lots of bulls since opening day. Every bull above a spike has been long rubbed off. Biggest bull(sub 300 6 point) has been bugeling since opening day. The big guys have not shown up yet. They could next week or the next and start breaking things up. Seems pretty normal this year to me.

From: nmwapiti
Everything I've seen in UT except the spikes are rubbed.

From: TD
Only two bulls down in camp were both hard velvet. Both smaller bulls.

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