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Encampment elk hunting
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Calledarched 04-Sep-22
JTreeman 04-Sep-22
t-roy 04-Sep-22
Patdel 04-Sep-22
LUNG$HOT 04-Sep-22
Treeline 04-Sep-22
elkster 04-Sep-22
KHNC 07-Sep-22
Browning Hunter 07-Sep-22
Live2Hunt 07-Sep-22
KHNC 07-Sep-22
Grey Ghost 07-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
From: Calledarched
Hey guys! Will be heading out to encampment area here in the next couple of weeks. First time hunting this area. Any pointers on where to go to get away from most hunters would be great. We hike back in and stay. Found a couple spots that look good on the topo. Any info would be great!

From: JTreeman
Unfortunately you will not get away from other hunters in the Encampment area. Best of luck


From: t-roy
Are you looking for honey holes, or just a general area?

From: Patdel
You hunting Wyoming or Colorado? Ive hunted that area, and i agree with Jim.

There are lots of elk around but swarms of hunters as well. Good luck. Work hard keep a positive attitude you should get into some elk.

“Any pointers on where to go to get away from most hunters would be great.”

Accomplishing this in ANY otc area that holds elk in Colorado is a thing of the past from my experience. Good luck.

From: Treeline
Have never hunted around Encampment but it’s probably better that OTC Colorado!

Definitely a total shit show around here… can’t even find a parking spot, even around any little sliver of BLM. GPS’s have people figuring out how to get into a lot of places.

Mostly out of state plates. One popular trailhead near the house had at least 30 hunters parked and camped out there this morning.

So cool to see guys packing rifles and hearing them shooting the opening weekend of “bow season”.

Thanks CPw!!!

From: elkster
Hunted there last year and never got away from others, but saw only a few during the week. There is so much access and being a non-guided, non-resident I couldn't use the remote wilderness areas to avoid others. Still got a bull.

From: KHNC
Whatever you find this year wont be worth a damn next year. Mostly thanks to people posting online about different areas.

I pulled a cow out of there years ago, but as others have said, with the internet and technology, the solitude is gone. Last time I hunted there I ran into hunters everyday, on the trail and in the woods. I haven’t been back since, best of luck to you.

From: Live2Hunt
I would love to go on another Elk hunt, but from what I have been hearing, I feel I would be disappointed. I have not gone for 20 years now. If I were to go again, it would be a draw unit. Just for the fact it will limit the number of hunters. But, just heard of another issue, backcountry hikers are all over the place.

From: KHNC
True, There are PLENTY of hikers and people riding roads when they can. Usually the hikers are on the weekends. It wont happen, but it would be nice if hikers were not allowed in limited draw areas during hunting season. Have a damn tag or hike during the summer.

From: Grey Ghost
Live2Hunt, in my experience, a limited draw area won't guarantee you solitude. In fact, the best and hardest to draw units get an incredible amount of scouting pressure during the archery season from later season tag holders and/or future tag holder wannabes. That was one of my biggest disappointments on my CO Unit 10 hunt a few years ago. There were guys on ATVs scouting everywhere, with absolutely no regard for the bowhunters who were trying to fill their tags that took 23 years to draw.


From: fdp

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