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Pistol Rec for Open Carry When In Woods?
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Candor 05-Sep-22
Highlife 05-Sep-22
Glunt@work 05-Sep-22
Matt 05-Sep-22
Buffalo1 05-Sep-22
LBshooter 05-Sep-22
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Jim McNamara 06-Sep-22
fuzzy 06-Sep-22
PECO2 06-Sep-22
Ironbow 06-Sep-22
Lawdog 06-Sep-22
Hank_S 06-Sep-22
RonP 06-Sep-22
Rut Nut 06-Sep-22
2Wild Bill 06-Sep-22
sundowner 06-Sep-22
GFL 06-Sep-22
Rut Nut 06-Sep-22
Bob H in NH 06-Sep-22
Thisismyhandle 06-Sep-22
spike78 06-Sep-22
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Bake 06-Sep-22
fdp 06-Sep-22
70lbDraw 06-Sep-22
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drycreek 11-Sep-22
Griz 11-Sep-22
jjs 11-Sep-22
elkpacker 11-Sep-22
4t5 11-Sep-22
fuzzy 11-Sep-22
fubar racin 11-Sep-22
gflight 14-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
From: Candor
I am not a pistol guy nor do I plan on becoming one. I have a couple of S&Ws - a .380 Shield and a .45.

I generally do not feel the need to carry one but have noticed a decided uptick in methnecks in the last year in different parts of the Upstate of SC. Seemed it was bad 10 years ago but got better and now is decidedly worse.

I want a pistol that is light, reliable and durable. What should I get? Price is always a factor if the other important variables are not. Let's say budget is $1000, but If I can spend less that is more better. Also, if you haver a suggested holster.

Thank you!

From: Highlife
I carry a 40 cal shield when on the road my 45 . You have a 45 spend the money on ammo for shooting and getting to know your gun .

From: Glunt@work
So many great options these days. I'll just throw out one on the low $$ end.

Taurus G3C. I picked one up recently and so far I can't find anything I dislike. I own others at double or triple the price. They aren't double or triple the gun in my view. $300 with 3 mags.

My favorite shooter is a Kimber Custom .45 1911. Size and capacity make it not my first defense choice.

From: Matt
I really like Glocks for light, reliable and relatively inexpensive pistols.

From: Buffalo1
A Glock in my opinion is like a Mack Truck- may not be the prettiest truck on the road but is durable and dependable.

Think about why Glocks are so popular with law enforcement!

From: LBshooter
If size of pistol isn't a concern I'd go with a glock 20 or 29. Full size and compact 10 mm , it doesn't get any better and it will handle any 4 legged or two legged varmit you may run into. If the 10 mm is to much then a. 45 or 9mm will work to. Being outside and in the dirt a glock makes sense, I own glock and they shoot great and are as reliable as they come, hard to beat.

From: PushCoArcher
For what you're talking about I find myself using my Sig p320 the most. I love my 1911 but god you know that things on your hip every step. Can't go wrong with a glock either. Lots of pistols will fit what you want to do. First I'd pick what caliber you want the knock down of a 45, the capacity of a 9mm, or split the difference with a 40? Then decide whether you want a full size, compact, or sub compact. If you have access to a few different size pistols you should try wearing them around all day to get a feel for what suits you best. That'll help narrow it down a bit then you can go hold a few at the store and see what feels good in your hand.

Glunt my Kimber Custom 2 1911 is also my sweetest shooting handgun wouldn't give that one up for anything.

From: Jim McNamara
I started out with a sig 320 carry model. Great gun that holds 17 in the clip. It came with a red dot optic. Love that gun. Then I bought a sig 365x. It holds 12. Very nice carry gun. It came open sight equipped and I added the red dot optic. I recommend one thing above all else. Get training!! I have been a gun guy all my life. 67 end of month. I was astounded when I started shooting my handguns in earnest. I was not equipped to defend my self at all. After training I am qualified to handle my gun and shoot it well. It takes time and practice or you loose it. My opinion, your ability means much more then what you carry. Holsters, so many types and makes. Find a good gun store, preferably with a range and let them help you go thru what matters in holsters.

From: fuzzy
I'm a 1911 guy.

From: PECO2
Another Taurus fan here. You get a lot a gun for the money. Mine is a 9mm, plenty of gun with today's modern ammo. If you want small and light you can even carry a 380. All of that being said, I'm not a huge handgun fan, rarely carry, and handled any of the high dollar guns.

From: Ironbow
I have a Ruger SR9C mid size that carry’s well and holds 17 rds of 9mm. Had it for about 10 yrs and have dumped a lot of ammo through it with nary a problem. Around $400-450. Glocks are very good as well. And I echo the above comments, get training! I work a part time security gig and we train 4 times a year, and it is not enough.

From: Lawdog
Can't go wrong with a Glock. Tough, weatherproof, sweatproof, and dependable. I also have a 1911 that I regularly carry. "If" I need to shoot back, I want something with a sight radius for distance. I have a farmer friend who had a Taurus, not sure what model. He carried every day. No matter what he did, the dang thing got so rusted from sweat that he replaced it with a Glock.

From: Hank_S
"I am not a pistol guy nor do I plan on becoming one"

If you're going to carry a pistol, please become somewhat of a pistol guy and learn how to shoot it accurately and quickly! I wasn't a pistol guy either but can shoot either my Glock 43 or Glock 45 (they're both 9mm) pretty quickly and very accurately.

I don't know squat about other pistols and calibers but I do know quite a bit about the two that I've chosen.

From: RonP
your budget is more than enough. i would suggest the glock G43. that meets your criteria of light, reliable and durable and well within your budget. if you want a few more rounds, get a G26.

i have a few and when i decide to carry, i almost always choose the smallest and lightest one. i suspect many others do too and you should keep that in mind when deciding. a large frame handgun is not easy and comfortable to carry for many of us.

as for holsters, i like fobus but your local gun store should have a selection to try.

From: Rut Nut
I'm not a "pistol guy" either(only own 4), but I carry one almost everywhere I legally can when out and about. I started with a kel-tec .380 pocket gun. Recently I upgraded to a Ruger EC9S 9mm. You can get one for $300. Still fits nicely in my pocket and with today's ammo is plenty of gun for almost any situation. I like carrying in my pocket because I can have my hand on it ready to pull and shoot and nobody is the wiser. Don;t have to worry about concealing it and it is very lightweight so I never leave it behind for "convenience."

From: 2Wild Bill
"I am not a pistol guy nor do I plan on becoming one."

Then get a revolver. A 3" barrel Ruger SP101 in .357mag, five shot, should handle anything you encounter and not have a stovepipe when you need it the least. You can also down load it to .38spl and even snakeshot rounds. You don't have to remember to flip any safety and speedloaders are available for a fast reload. If you do get that model, I suggest a Hogue grip to replace the factory grip. Even when empty it makes a damn good club.

From: sundowner
I carry a Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm when in urban and suburban "woods". When hunting I carry an FNX 45 Tactical. The best holsters I've found are from Mitch Rosen custom holsters online, and Palmetto Leather located in Columbia, S.C. Craft holsters are ok but are not made in USA.

From: GFL
The best pistol is actually the one you WILL carry daily.

From: Rut Nut

From: Bob H in NH
Just finished this search with my wife. We wanted one either of us can carry bowhunting or hiking.

Shot as many as we could. Ended up with SW MP9 shield ez

Lighter springs made the slide easier for her to pull quickly, plus we both shot it the best.

I think you already have the gun you’re looking for with your .380 shield. If you’re dead set on buying a new one then look for a 9mm.

From: spike78
Sig P365xl or a Polymer 80 in 40S&W.

From: sundowner
Number one rule of gun safety........CARRY ONE.

From: Bake
I have a S&W shield and an older compact. Buddy has the Sig 365xl and I REALLY like it. If I was buying for open carry I think I’d get the Sig 365 Macro. With the barrel compensator. It’s a bad ass rig

From: fdp
I carry a 4" barreled .357 magnum revolver loaded with 125gr. jacketed hollow points if it is for anti-personnel use and 145 or 158gr. jacketed hollow points if it may need to double as a nuisance animal stopper.

From: 70lbDraw
Ruger LCR .357. Very light, hammerless, point and shoot!

From: WVarcher
Glock 43,43x,48...any of the sig 365's. All great options. My new personal carry is sig 366 macro. Smaller than a g19 but holds more rounds. 17+1

From: deerhunter72
A good quality gun belt is often overlooked and makes all of the difference IMO. A good belt and holster will hold whatever gun you wish to carry much more comfortably. Milt Sparks makes some fantastic holsters. I have 2 IWB from them and I can wear a S&W 642 revolver or my Glock 30S all day with no problems at all. As others have mentioned, you really can't go wrong with a Glock. The 30S is too heavy for some, but it's a great shooting gun and it holds 11 rounds of .45, if you carry one in the chamber which I do. The Ruger LC9s is a great little 9mm that I pocket carry or wear in a belly band at times. Very rugged like all Rugers and gives you 6 + 1 in one mag. I much prefer revolvers and if I could open carry here in Illinois then I would go to my S&W 686. I love shooting .38's out of that gun and the .357 round is hard to beat.

From: Glunt@work
The Ruger Max-9 is also nice. I shot a friend's recently. They fit a lot of capacity in a small footprint

From: c5ken
I have & use three different Glocks. Have shot hundreds rounds through all three & not have one malfunction... NOT ONE.

From: Shuteye
Glock makes a new small model that is great for concealed carry. It comes with two magazines one is ten rounds and the other is smaller. A friend let me shoot his last weekend and I shot up a whole box of his ammo. It is really nice and shoots great, love the sights. It was 9mm. and I think he says it comes in .380 also.

If this is just for meth heads you already have the shield .380. carry an extra magazine. Practice often.

From: drycreek
I second you can’t go wrong with a Glock, unless it just doesn’t feel right to you. I carry a 9mm Shield Plus almost every day. Sometimes I carry a Taurus GX4 (also 9mm) but the Shield is my favorite. IMO one of the most important things is to carry in the same location all the time, carry all the time, and practice drawing safely, aquiring your sights, and squeezing the trigger. Double check that your gun is empty, then check it again to make sure, then dry fire the hell out of it……from the holster. You need to become as familiar with it as you are your bow. You won’t need it until you NEED IT and then you’ll be glad that you spent the time to practice. I hope you never need it, but stuff happens in the world we live in today.

From: Griz
After having a very serious drug deal go down 30 yards from an unarmed (except a bow and 4 arrows) me in suburban SE PA, while sitting 20 feet up in a treestand, I now carry a Glock 27 and an extra magazine. It resides in my pack. If those guys had looked up and seen me, I believe I would have had troubles.

From: jjs
I am old school, a revolver (wheel gun) snub is a no nonsense pistol and safer for a inexperience pistol person, a .38 has been around for sometime for human protection. If you ever pull a pistol on a human it has better be your last resort or you could be looking out the bars, check your laws.

From: elkpacker
I have experince using my weapon for SD. I have always used a Walther ppk 380. I carry i shoulder holster. my second is of course the glock 43m 9mm. I just picked up a S&W 640 in 357. You just have to pull the trigger. I am heading out for my archery hunt and big brown furry things live there. I have excellent bear spray and if that failed the 640 with a big load is there to back up the spray. Most of all follow the advice and get training.

From: 4t5
S&W model 60 3" in .357 magnum, it's a small dog with a big dog bite..

From: fuzzy
I'm not following the compact recommendations for open carry but then I carry full size "concealed" ....about the only thing good about being "fluffy"

From: fubar racin
Dunno what you do or have done but if your one of us that qualifies for glock blue label program it makes them an easy choice.

From: gflight
In your case I would Echo the guys saying get a shield cuz you already got one in 380 and if you wanted to bump it up you could go to nine mil.


The 40 shield is a option also. Same platform simpler motor memory if you're not a pistol guy.

From: fdp

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