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Easton Axis 5mm
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Ok, looking for new arrows. Considering the axis or FMJ 5mm, liked some victory but all the shafts seem very very light. Want to go to .204 vs my current .245-.246 … do they make a standard size under/half out or is it all the hit style? I’ve read and heard nightmares about the Hitt system and not sure I want to deal with that….

I like my Axis 5mm 300's. Mine have a 50 grain outsert.

From: Buglmin
The Victory .204 diameter RIP TKO is a cross weaved carbon shaft that has a higher gpi then the Axis, and because of the cross weave, is stronger and tougher. Add to the fact that all shafts are spine aligned makes it a great shaft. Victory's regular RIP is almost the same gpi as the axis throughout the spine ranges. And the Xtorsion is a very high gpi, .204 diameter shaft that is very tough with it's cross weave and stainless steel.

I use only Ethics Archery half out in the .204 diameter arrows I build at the shop.

From: Michael
The HIT insert is a very good insert. I have had very good luck with those inserts when epoxy was used.

The majority of negative outcomes with the HIT insert are using the wrong glue. Epoxy should be used not a glue. Basically when a glue is used it’s too hard and breaks on impact. The bond has to have some give to it.

With all that said. There are after market HIT inserts available that are heavier then the stock ones provided. You can also get collars as well.

From: butcherboy
I have no problem using glue in mine. You have to use the right glue though. Not the brittle hot melt glue. Use a low heat glue that is a little bit softer. No problems at all and sure makes it easy to switch out inserts to something heavier or lighter. I also don’t use any type of collar system as I don’t see a need for it in normal target shooting or hunting situations. I do use a collar for a few stump shooting arrows. The hit system is pretty solid. You can also screw your broadhead into the insert first and then glue it all in. I really like the 5mm fmj’s as well but they definitely are not as durable as the axis.

From: Matt
Like the Axis and use low temp hot melt with IW collars.

From: deerslayer
I shoot the 5mm Axis match grade and love them. I use a 50 grain brass HIT insert and an aluminum footer. To me, without the footer, the HIT insert has an inherently weak design, but with the footer I’ve had no issues.

From: arch2112
What total arrow weight are you looking for? Arrow length?

I like the HIT system but plenty of options for outserts.

From: Coondog
Have been shooting Axis 300's with a 50 grain brass hit insert and 10 grain Iron Will impact collar. No complaints. I think the Axis is the strongest carbon arrow on the market, far stronger than the Victory arrows. I talked to the Victory rep at TAC and he explained why Victory arrows are not as strong as the Easton Axis. He said the carbon weave is good to have a light arrow with a high FOC. However, the carbon weave is not nearly as strong as the Axis because the Axis has a fiberglass sleeve inside the carbon (this is why Axis are a heavier GPI).

From: Buffalo1
Axis is a good dependable shaft. Have used them for a while.

From: Don
Why would you want a shaft that’s bendable, vs full carbon?

From: midwest
I'm not a fan of the HIT system. It makes little sense to me to screw in a point or broadhead that is putting a pulling force on an insert that is simply glued in place. But I dislike half outs even more so what I do is screw the HIT insert onto my point or BH then hot melt the whole thing into the end of the shaft with an IW collar. I like the Kimsha hot melt glue.

If I need to swap out a point or insert, I just dip it in boiling water for about 10 seconds and pull it out. This also works really well so you can index your broadheads exactly how you want them.

I currently shoot Black Eagle Rampage and am very happy with them so far.

From: PAOH
Axis 5mm have been excellent for me. Very dependable, nice heavy arrow. Made is USA ????

I've been shooting fmj or axis arrows for year. Not one failed arrow. I'm a big fan of the HIT insert. The FMJ consistently shoot more accurate for me, and I shoot matchgrade for both axis and FMJ. Standard weight insert for me as well.

From: Murph
Are you all shooting deep six heads, or not concerned with standard heads that fit a .246 arrow haven’t shot 5mm for a long time have stayed true to a .246 shaft however if and when I switch to a .204 or .166 shaft I would shoot a half out made of no lesser material then steel or titanium just my opinion as to date haven’t seen a true advantage to smaller diameter shafts other then they look cool and penetrate foam deeper

From: Coondog
Deep six will only work in .166 arrows.

Smaller diameter arrows penetrate more and have less wind drift at distance. If you go .166, then you really need to find the right components to keep the front of your arrow strong.

From: Murph
The wind drift and penetration is subjective, it’s the selling point of the manufactures when you have a broadhead cutting a hole in front of it is .080 the difference between a pass through or not and unless we’re talking about shooting bareshafts the fletching and broadhead have the greatest affect on wind drift not arrow diameter

From: Willcz
I have used the AXIS 5mm for at least 10 years. Never a problem, with lots of shooting

Made an order. Thanks for the help guys! Stayin .246 for this year. Getting a new bow this winter so gonna switch to .204 then! Figured it would just make my life easier for now. Thanks for the help, appreciate the input

From: LOSTNwoods
I shoot 340 Easton axis 5MM match grade. 27.25” cut end to knock throat. I believe standard X knock 50 gr brass insert and 100 gr head. TAW is 455 grains. Bow specs: 65 lbs. I shot same arrow at 70 lbs also. Draw length is 29.5”

These r tough arrows. They fly great for be expandable/fixed they all fly the same. I prob could go 300 spine but all is good. I tried and iron will collar the 10Gr one and it makes the arrow too weak. So I think I have the perfect set up. Don’t let the HIT idea scare ya. I have had plenty of pass throughs stuck in the ground and NEVER 1 x has my shaft broke. I’m on 3 dozen or so. Lost more by losing arrow 3D shooting. Broadside; quarter away and towards no issues. Good luck lots of great choices.

From: Shaft2Long
FWIW, RIP TKO and Axis are not all close in GPI.

250 Spine RIP is 9gpi, 260 Spine Axis is 11.2 if I’m not mistaken. I know the 300 spine Axis is 10.7 GPI. They’re not close.

The spine aligned marks on Victory are real neat looking marks on the shaft but are not accurate at all.

As far as durability goes. Axis is going to win. I’ve shot both extensively.

From: fdp

From: Bou'bound

From: Will
MAPA - I have some FMJ 5mm, 300's cut to like 28.75" still in the sealed Lancaster Archery box. I opted to stick to Axis shafts. If you want em, text me. Even if you left all of us Massholes behind, I'm happy to ship em if you want em.

From: 12yards
I just use standard diameter arrows because I like the insert options much better. Don't really see much, if any, advantage to a 5mm or smaller diameter shaft.

From: longsprings
Love my victory carbon wrapped stainless 4 mm Shafts 90 grain inserts gives tgem great foc

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