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Range Finder Battery
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Darrell 08-Sep-22
Matt 08-Sep-22
Scrappy 08-Sep-22
Bou'bound 08-Sep-22
Dale06 08-Sep-22
Scoot 09-Sep-22
Lone Bugle 09-Sep-22
SoDakSooner 09-Sep-22
Ironbow 09-Sep-22
easeup 11-Sep-22
Ermine 11-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
From: Darrell
Shot this morning before heading to work and guess what, second time I tried to use my range finder to confirm a distance as I fine tune my sights, I get no readings. Guess my battery picked the perfect time to die. I leave on Tuesday!

So, if you haven't, check your batteries. Carry a spare if they aren't new.

From: Matt
Good reminder. I have taken to carrying a spare RF battery and micro head lamp in my bino harness just in case.

From: Scrappy
I just change my battery every year before the season. I've never had a rangefinder that needed batteries changed during the season.

From: Bou'bound
What batteries you runnin’

From: Dale06
I have an extra RF battery in my pack.

From: Scoot
I replace mine every year before my trip west. Probably could go several years on those batteries, but no way I want my RF to crap out on me during my favorite week of the year!

From: Lone Bugle
I always carry a spare in my bino carrier. Great reminder!

From: SoDakSooner
Spare always, sometimes multiple. I used to have a 1st gen Bushnell that had some sort of parasitic drain. Wouldn't last a week. So bad I would take the battery out when not actively hunting. Just picked up a new vortex, and amazingly takes the same battery 20 years later, so I have plenty of spares.

From: Ironbow
Sodak, I still have one of those Bushnell rangefinders. That thing still works great and can go 3-4 years on a battery!

From: easeup

From: Ermine
I change Mine every year before the fall starts

From: fdp

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