Does this deer have a case??
Whitetail Deer
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From: t-roy

t-roy's embedded Photo
t-roy's embedded Photo
Looks like a slam dunk case for Jackie Chiles. I fully expect to see this buck/doe? on the next episode of Botched. I know some guys hate it when we name deer, but I think I’m going with “Caitlin” for this one.

“They’re real…..and they’re SPECTACULAR!” (Edited….thanks Midwest)

From: Shiras42
Umh, nice rack!? Had to be first to say it.

From: keepemsharp
Candidate for Dr. Pimplepopper.

From: JohnMC
I wonder if you shot that guy in that growth if I would do him a favor?

From: AaronShort
I shot a doe years ago that had one huge "growth" like that. It was actually a big pocket of yellow liquid infection that made it painful for her to walk. It was bad enough to run four grown men out of the shop when I cut into it.

From: LINK
Looks a little lop sided to me.

From: DanaC
Could be an old broadhead or something lodged in there, got infected. Yeah, bet it's nasty cutting into.

From: Shuteye
Easy to tell it isn't a democrat.

From: Brian M.
Just moobs (man boobs), he was probably a fat kid and lost a lot of weight.

From: JL
Looks like the head is on the wrong end of the body.

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo

I looked at the picture. I think he must have stopped too fast from a dead run.

From: Rut Nut
Rub some Chinese balm on them Troy! ;-)

From: tobywon

tobywon's embedded Photo
tobywon's embedded Photo
This isn't tits on a buck, but well hung like a doe :) I've posted this before, but still amazes me what these animals can endure. We'd be running to the doctor crying :)

From: RonP
another year and they'll be hanging to the knees. i'll pass.

From: fdp

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