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lighted nocks
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lewis 14-Sep-22
molsonarcher 14-Sep-22
Blood 14-Sep-22
extremevft1 14-Sep-22
Bou'bound 14-Sep-22
EmptyFreezer 14-Sep-22
Thornton 14-Sep-22
Murph 14-Sep-22
Rut Nut 14-Sep-22
Lewis 15-Sep-22
PECO2 15-Sep-22
fdp 18-Sep-22
From: lewis
I know this has been brought before but I am going to need some new ones any advice will as always be appreciated Thanks Lewis

From: molsonarcher
I shoot and like the nockturnals

Not a fan of the lumenoks as i cant seem to ever get them to work consistently

From: Blood
Nocturnals. Green.

From: extremevft1
I shot nockturnals for a long time, always worked well. I saw some nockturnal knockoffs on Amazon, 6 pack for $15, and bought 3 packs. I am extremely impressed with them! 1 out of 18 didn’t work, but I like to have some practice ones anyway. In fact, I wanted more practice ones that didn’t light up. I left them on to drain the battery and it took forever!

From: Bou'bound
Nocturnal green

From: EmptyFreezer
Nocturnal green

From: Thornton
You'll need to re-zero your sights after putting them on because they will make point of impact different than factory nocks.

From: Murph
I was a huge advocate for lighted nocks in the mid 2000’s when lunenock was building the GT nock, so I am a die hard gold tip guy and when they used gold tips GT nock as a foundation nothing major had to change same nock fit as factory just a little heavier in the rear, after they started sourcing bohning nocks to build their product our love affair ended, they were shit from their on, nockturnals are ok , super reliable, always light but bulky IMO about have to tie nock points and d loop specific for them

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's embedded Photo
Rut Nut's embedded Photo
I’ve used a lot of different lighted nocks over the years. Finally found a brand that is inexpensive, works very well and can be turned off withOUT tools! (Has a “switch” you turn off with the edge of your thumbnail)

Was recommended by Bowjangles(Eric) and they did not disappoint!

Ordered from EBay ($8.99for 6 nocks) and had them in 4 days!

From: Lewis
Thank y’all for the responses as always Good luck Lewis

From: PECO2
I have been using Nocturnal lighted nocks for years. My eyes like the pink. I will need some new ones for next season, I may check out some of the cheaper options. Thanks for the info guys.

From: fdp

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