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lighted nocks
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From: lewis
I know this has been brought before but I am going to need some new ones any advice will as always be appreciated Thanks Lewis

From: molsonarcher
I shoot and like the nockturnals

Not a fan of the lumenoks as i cant seem to ever get them to work consistently

From: Blood
Nocturnals. Green.

From: extremevft1
I shot nockturnals for a long time, always worked well. I saw some nockturnal knockoffs on Amazon, 6 pack for $15, and bought 3 packs. I am extremely impressed with them! 1 out of 18 didn’t work, but I like to have some practice ones anyway. In fact, I wanted more practice ones that didn’t light up. I left them on to drain the battery and it took forever!

From: Bou'bound
Nocturnal green

From: EmptyFreezer
Nocturnal green

From: Thornton
You'll need to re-zero your sights after putting them on because they will make point of impact different than factory nocks.

From: Murph
I was a huge advocate for lighted nocks in the mid 2000’s when lunenock was building the GT nock, so I am a die hard gold tip guy and when they used gold tips GT nock as a foundation nothing major had to change same nock fit as factory just a little heavier in the rear, after they started sourcing bohning nocks to build their product our love affair ended, they were shit from their on, nockturnals are ok , super reliable, always light but bulky IMO about have to tie nock points and d loop specific for them

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's embedded Photo
Rut Nut's embedded Photo
I’ve used a lot of different lighted nocks over the years. Finally found a brand that is inexpensive, works very well and can be turned off withOUT tools! (Has a “switch” you turn off with the edge of your thumbnail)

Was recommended by Bowjangles(Eric) and they did not disappoint!

Ordered from EBay ($16.89) for 6 nocks) and had them in 4 days!

From: Lewis
Thank y’all for the responses as always Good luck Lewis

From: PECO2
I have been using Nocturnal lighted nocks for years. My eyes like the pink. I will need some new ones for next season, I may check out some of the cheaper options. Thanks for the info guys.

From: fdp

From: Rut Nut
I can’t get over these E-bay nocks! I ordered 6 more on Friday and they were in my mailbox TODAY! And at $17.50 with tax, still UNDER $3 per nock!

From: drslyr
Dam im payin 30 for 3 glory nocks

From: cnelk
Just for shits and giggles I put some Nocturnals on the other day and shot them at 30yds. The drop was about 7”.

Said screw it and removed them - didn’t want to go thru the hassle of sighting all my pins again.

From: Darrell

Darrell's Link
I ordered six of these and then liked them enough I ordered a dozen more. Seem to work great and price is $2 per nock.

From: mooseslayer
Has anyone tried the Nocturnals with the strobing feature. Saw them at a show, extremely visible. A little more costly I'm sure.

My experience with the Nocturnals has been subpar as accuracy goes. They just don't shoot as consistently as I'd like. Even when sighted in using them, they miss just a little left or right compared to regular nocks.

From: Dale06
Mooselayer, my friend uses the strobe Nocturnals. They seem very bright.

From: Venom16730
I have used lighted nocks on and off for years. I have used Nocturnals in the past and I had nothing but problems. Just recently bought a pack and 2 never worked out of the pack. Send them a email they never responded back. I have been using Glory nocks and love them so far.

From: Smtn10PT
I have a bunch of the Deepower nocks from amazon. They have worked as good or better than the carbon express ones I used to use. However, they didnt impact the same as the standard nocks on my vap SS. The did impact the same on my standard size arrrows i use for whitetail.

From: KHNC
Firenock is by FAR the best of the lighted nock crowd. Also, ridiculously expensive. I have used them since 2009. Impact same as my other arrows out to 40 yds. Close enough at 75 that I never worry about it. Standard size total weight is 27 grains. Average nock is about 17 grains already if im not mistaken. So 10-12gr added to rear doesnt change much of anything. Lifetime warranty, replaceable battery. However, like i said, they are stupid expensive nowadays. I have had the ones im using for several years. He has continued to raise his prices.

From: PECO2
"Has anyone tried the Nocturnals with the strobing feature. "

I didn't know about these, I like the idea. Someone else made one years ago that was solid when released, then would strobe after a certain number of seconds in order to help you find the arrow. I thought it was a great idea but never tried them.

From: wraith8
In 2018 I bought my first lighted nocks, a half dozen Carbon Express Launchpads off Camofire.com . They worked great for me. I did not notice any change in where they hit, they were bright, and fairly easy to turn off after shooting them. Last year I was down to just a couple that still worked so bought two three-packs of NAP Thunderglo nocks when they showed up on Camofire. They added 3/8-1/2" to my arrow length which I didn't care for, but I didn't see any issue with where they hit and they were just as easy to turn off and seemed as bright as the others. I did have one that didn't work out of the box, but considering they were discounted on the website I thought 1 out of 6 not working wasn't too bad. Fast forward to this May, 6 packs showed up on Camofire for just a few bucks more than the 3 packs were, so I ordered 2. Checking my gear before a bear hunt in June, I found I was down to just 2 of the original 5 that still worked, apparently they either have a short battery life or were old stock when put on Camofire. Of the dozen NAP Thunderglo lighted nocks I got in May, only 6 worked out of the box. With only half working, and apparently a short battery shelf life, they're not worth even the discounted price for me. Spend a bit more on quality products.

I dont hunt without them. Use both Nocs and Lumenoc, prefer the Lumenoc for brightness and ease of turn off. I have the tool for the Nocs.... no issues

From: Rut Nut
Cnelk- something is not right with your setup- no way your arrows should drop 7” due to a minor weight variance in nocks.

From: caribou77
I’ve had great luck with glory nocks. Just shot them with broadheads and my arrows with field tips and regular nocks in a 2” group at 50 yards. Easy to turn off. Light instantly when shot. Not certain if I love the battery life as I bought 9 last year and about half lit up this year.

From: Sapcut

Sapcut's Link
I like these from Amazon.

I've been shooting Nocturnals for about five years. I tested them when I first got them to make sure they didn't change my arrow flight. Cnelk's comment got me thinking so yesterday I shot all 5 arrows in my quiver (with a practice broadhead) at 30 yards and they all impacted the same as the regular nocks.

From: DL
Nothing beats the memory of watching the flight of a lighted nock heading perfectly at an animals lungs and then dropping right underneath it.

From: Shuteye
I used lighted nocks with my compound bow and they were great for finding my arrows after a pass through. Almost always got pass throughs. Now using a Ravin crossbow and I don't use the lighted nocks any more since the bolts always pass through and bury under the leaves.

From: cnelk
I’m going to get some new lighted nocks and try shooting them again.

In my previous attempt, I shot both Lumenocs and Nocturnals. Both shot low, replaced with regular nock and all was good. Dunno

But the other night I shot just under a doe and fortunately found my arrow in the grass/leaves. A lighted nock woulda been nice. Haha!

From: StickFlicker
The Glory Nocks are wider than my normal nocks, and I have to force them to click onto the string. I'm using standard nocks that come with most arrows, not small narrow ones. That has caused them to pull off of the arrow at times rather than staying on the arrow. I guess I'm going to have to alter my D-Loop to accept them, which will make the standard sized nock not as precisely centered.

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