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Urban Moose Bloodtrail Challenge
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Pete In Fairbanks 14-Sep-22
Pete In Fairbanks 14-Sep-22
Pete In Fairbanks 14-Sep-22
Pete In Fairbanks 14-Sep-22
Straight Shooter 14-Sep-22
Murph 14-Sep-22
t-roy 14-Sep-22
ahunter76 14-Sep-22
orionsbrother 14-Sep-22
Nick Muche 14-Sep-22
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drycreek 15-Sep-22
Beav 15-Sep-22
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Medicinemann 28-Sep-22
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Pete In Fairbanks 28-Sep-22
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Smtn10PT 28-Sep-22
Peyton Merideth 12-Oct-22
Pete In Fairbanks 14-Oct-22
Grey Ghost 14-Oct-22
DonVathome 18-Oct-22
Peyton Merideth 20-Oct-22

Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
Up here in the "wilderness," we urban, road hunting moose hunters are an anomaly. But when in the market for meat instead of antlers, one does what one has to do. In the Fairbanks Management Area, a number of permits are drawn by lucky bowhunters to harvest cow moose. The objective is to reduce the number of moose/vehicle interactions around town.

Recovery CAN be an issue because of proximity to houses and businesses...

#2 son Peyton drew that permit this year and we hunted four days before seeing a cow in a decent location. By which I mean where she probably would not keel over in someone's yard AND would be pretty accessible to the road.

At 8:50 pm on September 12, he let loose an arrow wearing a lovely G5. Everyone knows that a frontal shot on moose is no good. But at 10 yards, there is plenty of target. We immediately took up the blood trail. As you can see, it actually was NOT really a challenge...


Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
The ol G5 had clearly done the trick. Stevie Wonder could follow this blood trail.

Spots of blood? Turning over leaves to check for splatter? Nah... more like a gusher!

Moose took off along the side of the road for 15 yards, then crossed the road (no one was coming...) and tipped over in less than 10 seconds!


Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
Pete In Fairbanks's embedded Photo
With apologies to all you wilderness moose hunters who have had to pack moose meat for miles through the tundra.... we urban moose hunters don't believe in suffering. We backed the truck to within 20 FEET of the kill site.

By midnight we were home!


Wha the hell?? I didn’t know this was an option. Thanks Pete!!

From: Murph
My kind of hunt cool story

From: t-roy
Good stuff, Pete!

One suggestion, though. If you’re gonna do anymore of these Bloodtrail challenges, maybe give us the questions BEFORE you give us the answers;-)

From: ahunter76
Now that is a freezer filler.. Congratulations.

Ha!! Congratulations. Enjoy that meat. Wish I was a neighbor and could hit you up for a roast.

From: Nick Muche
That’s awesome! Congrats Peyton!

That would work for me! One day my mom walked out to find moose scat sprinkled all across the front porch. That’s a moose that could be removed ;)

From: Rut Nut
LOL! Your freezer thanks you! ;-)

From: fuzzy

Lots of amazing meet and a great story

From: drycreek
In my old age, I enjoy Pat’s interenet bloodtrail challenge immensely, but in real life yours would be much better ! A freezer full of moose venison at the end……….

From: Beav
Meat mission accomplished!

From: tobywon
Nice!! Congrats!! That type of hunting has challenges in itself. Home at midnight seems like a long time until you see the shot was at 8:50 pm :)

From: iceman
Ha! That is awesome!

From: fdp

From: IKE220
That first clue almost tricked me. I got a 100% Congrats on pile of meat!! More fun than work.

From: WhattheFOC
Pat’s blood trail question would have been… On a properly executed frontal moose shot, is it possible to get blood on the shoulder??

Answer… YES. (See Petes first picture).

From: Bowboy
Some good meat right there!

Now that’s a blood trail.

From: elkmtngear

Some nice perks, to living up there !!

From: Medicinemann
Pete, How much meat do you expect to get off of a cow that size?

From: Blue Buck
By examining the blood spoor, did the moose cross the road from left to right or right to left? Awesome thread but I think you should start over with questions:)


We cut steaks from the backstraps and TL's. Then got a couple huge rump roasts from each side. None of that was weighed.

But ultimately just over 400 lbs of boned meat went to be ground up for burger and sausage. pb

From: Ermine
That’s awesome

From: Smtn10PT
This can only be truly be appreciated by someone thats packed a moose out the hard way! Well done.

HAHA!....I just saw this! Yep...the old FMA cow hunt. We won't starve this year! Actually, this hunt can be a challenge and mentally taxing on your ethics. Finding cow moose is not the issue...finding a cow moose that is not standing in someone's yard, or going to die in someone's yard, private property issues...etc...AND the fact that every year AST gets called about moose running around with arrows in them...well...those are the issues. I think I've arrowed about 8(?) moose in the FMA but this one was certainly the shortest pack job!

What? A thread that is all about YOU..... and you missed it?!!!!!

From: Grey Ghost
Congrats!! It's always a treat when you can back your truck up to the animal.

But, I'm confused. People, here, have repeatedly said that G5s are junk, and they don't produce good blood trails. Are you sure that's the broad-head you used? Just kidding, of course. I've used G5s for 25 years, and they've never failed me.

I'm also a fan of the frontal shot on big game, if they are close. Every animal I've killed with a frontal has left a blood trail like your moose, and they died in seconds within sight.


From: DonVathome
At least you had a painted Arrow to help follow the way:-)

Ghost... have killed everything from bears to moose to muskox and a whole plethera of African critters with that G5 Teken. Flies straight and has never let me down.

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