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From: APauls
Sep 30 baby. You’re welcome regardless of vaccination status and no mandatory ArriveCan app.

I fully believe we can thank Pierre Pollievre for that. He’s gaining so much steam that numb nuts has to let go of some of his commie strategies

From: TGbow
Isn't it ironic how the Marxist thugs wanted to shut everything down during the pandemic...but no problem when it comes to illegal immigrants

From: JL

JL's Link
Canada may change border requirements by the end of September

By Mark Brown September 20, 2022 7:49pm

There may be a change in how people cross the Canada-U.S. border as the two countries move on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Globe and Mail, citing government sources, reported Tuesday evening that the federal government will drop the vaccine requirement to cross the border on September 30. Random testing of people entering Canada may also end that day.

The changes, covering land, sea, and air crossings, would also involve the increasingly unpopular ArriveCAN app, with its use becoming optional. People will still be required to wear masks on planes and trains.

These adjustments have not been finalized and must be approved by cabinet, The Globe and Mail reported. The sources cited confidentiality as they were not authorized to discuss the changes with the media.

The potential changes to the border-crossing requirements came on the same day as numerous mayors and federal representatives on both sides of the border signed an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and U.S. President Joe Biden, calling for the requirements to be relaxed.

The ArriveCAN app had been at the centre of scrutiny, with critics calling the app a hindrance to trade, business development, and tourism. Some had also blamed ArriveCAN for contributing to the bottlenecks seen at Canadian airports throughout the summer.

Federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra defended the use of the app while on a visit to Windsor at the end of August, saying that it has been very effective at keeping the spread of COVID-19 under control.

“Courts, labour tribunals, and other bodies have looked at the justification for mandates and for other public health measures, and found them to be constitutional given the situation that we’re in,” said Alghabra at the time.

From: Bob H in NH
Of course, havent you heard, Biden declared the pandemic over.

From: Treeline
The world is in dire need of Nuremberg 2.0. For everyone responsible for the plandemic: propaganda of FEAR, gain of function, economic destruction, experimental injections, and illegal abuses of God given Rights…

From: M.Pauls
Treeline x100 Let’s hope Biden follows suit and starts allowing unclean Canadians back into the states as well

From: tobywon
Does that mean the geese are free to migrate over the border now too? :)

From: Mad Trapper
That is good news! Are they going to ditch the mask mandates in the airports and on the airplanes?

From: TGbow
The mask mandates with start back up around election time

That is fantastic news! Hopefully we see the USA drop their vax requirement for visitors too! Many people don’t even know that the USA has one, it’s what’s kept the Canada one propped up all this time. If unvaxxed Canadians had been able to travel south then they would have not complied with the Arrivecan app or anything else upon return and Canada would have had to fold up its requirements because they were completely against our Constitution/Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

From: Treeline
Agreed, Mike!

The USA needs to drop any requirements as well. Cure none of you come across the southern border illegally…

Completely against our God Given and Constitutional/Charter “protected” Rights no matter which side of the border!

From: azelkhntr
From: Treeline21-Sep-22 The world is in dire need of Nuremberg 2.0. For everyone responsible for the plandemic: propaganda of FEAR, gain of function, economic destruction, experimental injections, and illegal abuses of God given Rights…

^^^^ What I don't understand is that not one person responsible for the deaths of thousands in the US because of their political policies hasn't been killed by the aggrieved? If you think there is going to be a N 2.0 I got some bad news for you, there aint gonna be. If you want Justice in the USA these days you have to seek it out yourself. And they're still pushing these serums on to the people.

From: njbuck
This is amazing news, lets hope it actually happens.

From: drycreek
The border I live close to has been open since Slow Joe was inaugurated ! ;-)

From: pirogue
Exactly what drycreek said. Absolutely disgusting how many illegals are pouring across the southern border.

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