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$25k question
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I need some assistance, my wife finally graduates from nursing school this December-opening up availability for me to start going on some adventure hunts.

Hoping for a combo AK Yukon moose & caribou hunt, not including the cost of flights or taxidermy I’d like to be at $25k or under.

Ideally I’d like to speak with someone who has done this type of hunt & has experience with multiple different guides & outfitters.

Feel free to message me and I’ll give out my #.


From: Sandbrew

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Here's a combo hunt in BC for only $100.00 if you get lucky. Decent odds too. Only 500 tickets sold and 1/2 way there with just over 2 weeks left.

BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADIAN MOOSE AND MOUNTAIN CARIBOU HUNT With – Golden Bear Outfitting What – 1 hunter for one Canadian moose and one mountain caribou Where – Telegraph Creek-Stikine River area of British Columbia Who – Valid for those eligible to hunt in British Columbia When– Hunt Dates 9/10-9/23/2023 ONLY. May not be moved to another year. Hunt is non-transferable.

25k is on the low end of the price range for a fully guided yukon moose hunt, if adding a caribou on a trophy fee basis, plan on another 8-15k, depending on the outfitter.

From: Fields
$25,000 on the low end.. LOL... hard to believe prices...

From: labxtreme1.
It's a lot more research and planning however you can hunt both species multiple times DIY for the cost of guided hunt on them. Planning to write a story up when I get caught up. Just came back from AK with a bull moose, DIY ;p

From: Dale06
What Kevin said is correct.

Get typing Shane!

I thought Alaska you needed a guide for big game if you were a non resident? Feel like I saw that somewhere before

From: t-roy
MA-PA…….The only animals that require the services of a guide in Alaska are: Dall Sheep, Mtn. goats, and Grizzly/brown bear. You can hunt caribou, moose, black bear (I think), Sitka deer, wolf, without a guide. Not totally sure about bison, elk and muskox.

From: Mule Power
I wouldn’t say 25 is on the low end. But it’s not high either. That’s about average for a quality guided moose hunt. You’ll pay more to add caribou though.

Ahh Thanks T-Roy. It was probably exactly that that I read. Sounds right now that I read it again

I eventually will be going on DIY hunts. For my first time to Alaska, I think the experience & know how of a guide will pay dividends.

If I can’t do a combo then I’ll focus on moose for sure

Sheep hunt is an interesting thought for sure. I’ll bet I could do a dall hunt around that price.

From: ahunter76
What's Moose, Caribou run in Newfoundland?? Guessing a combo is under $20K & may include a Bear. I know different species BUT still the same critters.

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