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Colorado Unit 76 Moose
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PhxFireHunter 24-Sep-22
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KHunter 10-Oct-22
Hello fellow bowhunters, I am not normally on public forums for personal reasons, but decided to make an exception because I drew a once in a lifetime tag unexpectedly in Colorado. After finally drawing my 3rd bull elk tag in AZ in the past 40 years, I decided to not turn that tag in and hunt for moose after the elk hunt. That hunt is over and I am preparing to depart for Unit 76. There was a really well written article posted back in 2018 by JRABQ which has given me hope that I will at least be able to find some moose. A close friend of mine who has been on many moose hunts will be joining me, but neither of us has been in the unit. I am hoping to get it done with a bow, even though rifle season starts on the 1st of October. Anyway, the reason I am posting here is because if anyone has been there and hunted it or has any intel on the Moose in 76, I would be greatly appreciative of any help you might be able to provide. Hopefully some deer or elk hunters may have spotted something I might want to try to find. Who knows? Open to any assistance! Thanks and happy hunting!

From: LINK
Good luck.

From: Beendare
Do you have pack animals?

If not your best bet is to cruise the elk camps and ask if they have seen a moose.

They won’t be receptive to elk info… but moose yes.

You can't go wrong stopping at elk camps in Finger Mesa, Pearl Lakes, Heart Lake, Kitty Creek area. Also glass the north end of Rat Creek.

Good luck, and post your pics!

From: Buglmin
See if you can contact Amy at the Forest Service in Southfork. She's been riding 76 now for the past three weeks checking camps and outfitter camps. She's usually riding for 4 to 5 days every week. She's got a lot of info if you can contact her.

PM sent, good luck

From: Billb
You won’t have a problem finding moose in 76. Saw just about as many moose as elk on my muzzie hunt. Just depends on if your willing to pass up opportunities for a big one.

From: Beendare
Cmon bro, Dont probe us for info then leave us hanging…..we want photos! Grin

From: KHunter
Beendare, he probably never follows up “for personal reasons” same as he “does not normally post on public forums for personal reasons”…unless he has not prepared for a OIL tag and needs last minute help that could have been sought months earlier instead of a couple days after his elk hunt ended.

Be happy to great how it panned out but all the earmarks for a one post wonder are there?

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