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2022 WY sheep 5 reports?
Wild Sheep
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DonVathome 26-Sep-22
wytex 26-Sep-22
DonVathome 27-Sep-22
From: DonVathome
I can start hunting unit 5 on 10/1/22. Archery season has been open 6 weeks and rifle almost 4 weeks. I just spoke to the game warden and biologist and what I heard was not fantastic. Foot hunters not doing good. Horse hunters going way in and wilderness guys doing good. I cannot hunt wilderness and I am solo on foot.

Does anyone have any intel from this season? Please PM me. I am in great shape and backpacking in.

From: wytex
Do they move down later? Maybe wait til they move down some with snow. Not all the best rams get taken opening week, good luck and keep the faith you'll find the right one.

From: DonVathome
Thanks! Yes and no. I have heard a lot about sheep near roads the end of October in 22 & 5. (my tag is for unit 22 but I can hunt unit 5 starting 10/1). I have also heard that some rams move UP the mountain to feed on wind swept ridges - and remain there all winter.

I am going to hit it hard! I have been training hard for years and plan to cover as much ground as needed.

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