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Tactacam lithium battery
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Lone Wolf 28-Sep-22
spike78 28-Sep-22
sundowner 28-Sep-22
janesbenth 29-Sep-22
Lone Wolf 29-Sep-22
MA-PAdeerslayer 29-Sep-22
Overland 29-Sep-22
Wildan2 30-Sep-22
RutnStrut 01-Oct-22
From: Lone Wolf
Has anyone tried the new lithium cartridge available for the reveal cameras?

From: spike78
I use regular CVS batteries and my Reveals last a year.

From: sundowner
Haven't used the lithium cartridge, but I've had lithium cells to last 9 months in a Tactacam Reveal in a very high deer and hog traffic area......thousands of great photos.

From: janesbenth
My Reveals last me a whole year on a set of standard CVS batteries. wordle unlimited

From: Lone Wolf
Lithiums work fine. I just wondered if anyone has tried the new cartridge. Thanks for responding.

I read about the new cartridges and a lot of people actually were saying that they don’t last nearly as long as a full set of lithium batteries. Some archery talk guys were saying lithium’s lasted 9 months, thousands of pics and the lithium pack only lasted 3-4 months

From: Overland
Energizer AA batteries seem to last a very, very long time for me, even in colder temperatures. No need to purchase the lithium cartridge, although I did see it for sale when I purchased another Reveal yesterday.

From: Wildan2
Purchased their solar charger(high traffic area) has been two months and still 100%.The battery pack(2)+charger is pricy.Good luck the Energizer lithium's.

From: RutnStrut
I love my Tactacams. But the lithium cartridge is junk. I bought one last month, charged it and put it in a cam. That cam dropped down to 60% in 2 days with less than 200 pics. It was dead a week later. I'll stick to Energizer lithiums and the Tactacam solar panels.

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