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Primal tree stand descender fall rest sy
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c5ken 02-Oct-22
spike78 02-Oct-22
From: c5ken
Anyone using the Primal tree stand descender fall arrest system? I don't like Wing-man, its noisy, clangs agents the ladder and has 30' of line handing from the life line that needs to be coiled up when done using it.. I also have one of the original Rescue One CDS II harnesses.I like that better than the wing-man but its heavy for a harness (5lbs) and there is 30' of rope coiled in the back of the harness making it uncomfortable when sitting with your back to the tree. If you are using the Primal Descender fall arrest system, pls give me your opinion on the system...

From: spike78
Just received mine and it’s pretty slim not really that heavy so I think it will do the trick! I’m tossing the strap it comes with as I’m using my rope with my climber. The buckle on the strap adds a good amount of weight that will now be reduced.

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