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Colorado lion
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Whocares 03-Oct-22
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From: Whocares

Whocares's embedded Photo
Whocares's embedded Photo
Pic attached of lion killed at 5 yds as it charged archery elk hunter last week in Northern CO. Lucky shot or what?

From: dgb
Wow - pretty sure I would have been eaten!

From: tobywon
I's say good shot, lucky or not at 5 yards.

From: JohnMC
I missed the arrow in its head at first. Stixx I don't think many trad guys shoot blazers.

From: KsRancher
From the looks of the angle of that arrow I would say it was fairly close when he shot it

From: Huntcell
Oh! Boy! another frontal shot!!!

From: 70lbDraw
All I see is a picture of a dead animal with an arrow still sticking out of it!

From: Zbone
Wasn't there, so don't really know, but my take since it was a compound which takes time to draw, hold, and aim a site, and not a firearm or stickbow you can point and shoot, there are videos out there of cats stalking hikers, bikers, hunters, etc., and plausible this guy felt threatened when this cat got to close... Can't see a compounder swirling a bow around and sticking a charging cat in the head and chest in a single motion...

From: Inshart
I started out shooting a stick bow - no sights. Then went to compound - no sights. Then added sights. Even with the sights on my compound, I used to practice shooting without aiming - pull up, look at target, shoot.

Always figured if for some reason my sights got knocked out of wack, I could still continue my hunt.

So yeah, I could see someone "snap" shooting a compound. The alternative --- use your bow as a club? LOL

From: elkmtngear
"So yeah, I could see someone "snap" shooting a compound".

Compound finger shooter, instinctive. I've been known to "Hawkeye" critters, over the years !

That being said, about 15 years ago, I turned around to see a big Tom crouched behind me at about 15 feet, with his ears laid back. I drew my bow on him, and he flipped a 180, and walked straight away from me (walked slowly, did not run). I had been cow calling from my position, got up, and for some reason, turned around, and there he was.

After a couple of close encounters, (15 feet and 8 feet), I sort of came to the conclusion, that if you aren't the "food" they thought you were, they normally walk away. Hard to say what the motivation was, for this cat to attack?

From: drycreek
Lots of questions, but two facts for sure. That cat will never charge another human, and if the story is straight, the hunter was one lucky sucker !

Well, maybe that’s a fact and a half…….

From: Beendare
My Co buddy shot one at 15’ crouching down behind him while cow calling. He caught it frontal between the head and shoulder and the lion turned inside out blowing out of there in thick brush.

I asked him where is the photo? He said no back up pistol and in thick brush on a marginal shot there was no way he was following up on that lion. Pussy- grin

From: SBH
I always have a lion tag in my pocket. Taking any shot available if I see one.

From: deerhunter72
If it was really charging, then I'd say that was the shot of the guys life!

From: Whocares
Ya gotta wonder. Was it actually running at him or looking at him from 5 yds.

Does looking at you in a crouched position from 5 yards constitute an arrow? Or should you wait until he’s chewing on you and ask him to stop so you can get your bow back up and an arrow nocked lol

From: Highlife
Dead lion enough said agree with ma

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo
I've seen two, the last one at 46 yards watching me in 2014.

My cousin and her husband made a trip to NM last year. Jim owns a drone photography business that specializes in high end real estate. His favorite past time is wildlife photography. They pulled over in a rest area to let the dogs out and happened to look down and see this big cat watching them.

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