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fishtail ranch NM
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Pyrannah 03-Oct-22
Huntcell 03-Oct-22
Pyrannah 04-Oct-22
Pyrannah 11-Oct-22
From: Pyrannah
curious if anyone on here knows anything about this hunting operation? received them as a reference and trying to do some more homework..

have had two bad guided archery elk hunts and want to avoid them in the future, which seems impossible to do at times..


From: Huntcell
No complaints Mike Outfitting elk hunts in Alberta. High success rate,

another is sponsor from Co lots bowsiters have gone with incl CR. See his recent post.

From: Pyrannah
thanks hunt... also heard good things about mike, just logistically tough, really want one of those mulies!!

not interested in that co hunt

From: Pyrannah
any other info?

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