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Portable Bow Press for Split Limb Bows
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Darrell 04-Oct-22
RT 04-Oct-22
Lawdog 08-Oct-22
Bou'bound 08-Oct-22
WYelkhunter 09-Oct-22
From: Darrell
In the past I often used a portable press to change strings, do repairs, etc. However, in 2016, I bought a Matthews Chill X with the quad limbs and have just taken my bow to the local bow shop for everything. A couple weeks ago, I drew back on a mature bull elk only to discover my peep had broken and wasn't able to see my pins. After some finigling, I figured out how to use a ratchet strap to swap out to my old string, but it made me realize I need to be able to change strings & even cables if there are issues. (90 miles to the nearest bow shop where I was at) Has anyone used the split limb adapters for the portable presses? Are they safe? Do you risk damaging your bow, etc.?

From: RT
I use the brackets anytime necessary, never a problem on several bows. I'd never leave on a hunt without it in my tool kit.

From: Lawdog
I've used a Bowmaster with the split limb adapters for years without issue for a variety of bowtech issues. Although after the fact advice, I never go on a trip without it.

From: Bou'bound
For years that Bowmaster portable price was a phenomenal piece of equipment it was the only bow press I had or needed given I only need to do something once every year or two to adjust the string fix a peep or change out a set.

But with past parallel limbs it is a real circus even with the supposedly appropriate past parallel brackets

I’ve since got a real bow press but for trips I’ll take the Bowmaster and pray to God I don’t need it because it’s a crapshoot on whether those things will hold or not on a past parallel Bow and if they don’t you got problems much bigger than the ones you were trying to fix

From: WYelkhunter
bow master, have never had a problem with any kind of bow I have owned, solid limb, split limb, and even past parallel limb bows when used properly.

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