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Gun control cheater
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From: 70lbDraw

70lbDraw's Link
Obviously nobody here is in support of cheating in fishing tournaments.

I’m curious, how many of you have a different opinion of this cheater?

From: azelkhntr
Creative US entrepreneurship in action. When you're handed an opty you either pass or seize upon it right?

From: smarba
Hilarious IMO. Not knowing the details of the buy-back program, I don't know whether this guy "cheated" or not. At first glance it sounds like the libtards created the program, this guy just played them for fools.

From: ohiohunter
Cheater? Not at all, he played by their rules and came out ahead… I guess winners are cheaters? 3D printed lowers are functional, usually. He may have saved plastic by printing P80 frames.

From: Squash
These idiots making gun laws know nothing about firearms. I wonder if the fools in NYC would buy back my grease gun, glue gun and staple gun ?

From: Bowfreak
If the 3d printed parts met the description of what the AG considered functional for the buy back program, the guy did nothing illegal. The fact that it wasn't illegal doesn't necessarily make it right.

Right or wrong it is a glaring example of how these liberal gun control policies are laughable.

From: Boreal
I always cheer against those that are out to destroy my rights and my way of life.

From: greg simon
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. In this case the AG's office was the one playing the game.

From: JohnMC

From: 2Wild Bill
Exploited the program? Sounds like a Democrat to me. What goes around, comes around.

From: Dale06
What law did he break? The govt offered to buy back guns. He sold them guns, and made a profit. All this scenario proves is the idiocy of the gun control movement. The government should be going after “the people” that use guns, and other weapons in an illegal way.

From: HDE
It's too funny to say it was cheating. No where do gun "buy back" schemes say you have to have actually fired the gun or that it is even functional.

From: Gunny
My reaction when I read this was to laugh.

News says it successfully has taken guns off the streets to make it safer. Really? I wonder how many criminals showed up to turn their guns in. Doesn't sound logical to me.

I would bet a majority of these guns turned in were by law abiding citizens.

From: elkmtngear
Lol, well played, Sir!!

From: TGbow
If he is not prohibited from buying more guns after selling guns back then he just took advantage of ignorant leftist programs. Leftist always make a mess of things and end up accomplishing the opposite of whatever their intended goal is. Except for the high archy of the leftist leaders..they know it don't work they just want the control.

From: APauls
That's not cheating. Might as well get some of those tax dollars back.

From: drycreek
I’d say that’s a perfect example of KARMA !

From: gflight
I would give my opinion but they are watching.... lol

From: fuzzy

How long until they offer to buy my free speach rights or my vote? They already buy votes, just not as directly as the gun buy backs.

From: MrPoindexter

MrPoindexter's Link
Gun buybacks are doomed to fail and defended by people not smart enough to understand why. The British figured this out the hard way in India trying to eradicate cobras. The French learned when trying to get rid of the rat population in Hanoi. The list is long and staggering for how many times people make policies that they don't think through or research what is likely to happen.

From: Highlife
Out effen standing used the system against the sheeple

From: TGbow
Unfortunately we have a lot of folks in this country that don't get it.

From: Vonfoust
Looking for that 3D printer on Amazon now.....

Glad they were caught money has a way of bringing the worst out in people.

From: sundowner
Good for him! Gun buybacks are stupid. Glad he took advantage of it.

It’s really quite sad when you see a picture of a table with all of the guns that have been “bought back“… you never see anything which was ever going to be used to commit any kind of a crime. It’s mostly grandpa‘s deer rifle or I have seen beautiful old doubles headed for the scrapheap.

I suppose maybe in the coming decades there will be some combat souvenirs being left behind.

I’m still kind of sick over the fact that my wife’s grandfather left his father-in-law‘s 1886 Winchester to my brother-in-law, who has absolutely no interest in it for what it is. I expect he sold it. Sure hope that it found its way to a good home. For its age, it was in as close to museum condition as anything I’ve ever seen, even at the Griffin & Howe shop that we used to have here in town.

I wanted so badly to take an Elk with it.

But getting back to the OP here…

I have no more respect for him than I would have for a poacher or someone who cheats on his taxes. But where there’s a Way, there’s a Will. I’m just doing my best to raise my sons to not be That Guy.

From: TGbow
What is the purpose of gun buy backs? Like criminals are gonna give up their weapons and quit committing crimes? This is a prime example of how absolutely ignorant, and stupid leftist ideology is

From: SlipShot
That guy was not a cheater! Good for him! Playing a broken system.

From: LBshooter
The fisherman were cheating other fisherman for the entry fees they paid along with all the other costs associated with fishing tournaments. They were seeking to have a unfair advantage at weigh in to win money.

The gent who made gun parts sold what he made to a foolish and ridiculous system. A huge difference and the next time that deal is offered up I hope more people take advantage of it, it's a big joke.

From: Catscratch
Cheating fellow fishermen = sucks!

Calling out stupid politicians = awesome!

Politicians giving away tax dollars that should have been used elsewhere = sucks!

From: spike78
We have fun buy backs all the time in MA where can I find a 3d printer!?

From: 70lbDraw
“We have fun buy backs all the time in MA where can I find a 3d printer!?”

What are you talking about Spike? Ever since China joe got installed, they’ve simply TAKEN all the fun away and we got nothing in return! ;)

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