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Bosque del Oso
Mule Deer
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painless 05-Oct-22
painless 19-Oct-22
Treeline 19-Oct-22
From: painless
I've just been informed that I was next in line for a Bosque del Oso rifle hunt for mulies. I've archery hunted the area a couple of times each for elk and mule deer, and seen some very nice bucks, but it's been a while since I've been in there. Anyone who has hunted in there recently and seen a good buck and wants to share some info please PM me. Thanks

From: painless
Thought I'd bump this once. Hunt starts in Nov.

From: Treeline
Not many guys get tags for that area for anything. Might be tough to find much help. In November, they should be pre-rut. Should get a chance at a nice buck. Good luck!

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