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Buffalo/Bison Meat Hunt/Shoot Recs?
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Quinn @work 06-Oct-22
bghunter 06-Oct-22
drycreek 06-Oct-22
Quinn @work 06-Oct-22
From: Quinn @work
Looking for recommendations for a buffalo/bison meat hunt/shoot within a close drive to CO. Just looking to fill the freezer with a cow or young bull where we can archery kill. Obviously a fenced hunt is fine but not looking for a pen. Any rec's?

Places we've found have been well over $3,000 for meat cow/young bull which may be the going rate but looking for something possibly cheaper.

Thanks. PM's appreciated.

From: bghunter

Unfortunately that seems to be the going rate.

You might be able to get lucky and find something in Texas on a large ranch at a Deal if they are looking to get thin a herd.

I been wanting one foe years and cannot find one I can justify.

A few years ago the best deal was custer state Park if you could draw the tag was 1500. They then realized the cost was way to low for the market and increased the cost to I think it is 3200 or 3500 now.

I hope you find something. That is one animal I have wanted to hunt since I saw my first one at age 5.

From: drycreek
You can kill a cow in Texas for maybe half that Quinn. Go on the Texas Hunting Forum and prowl through the Exotic sub-forum and you can probably find one. Good luck !

From: Quinn @work
Thanks for the info and PM's everyone!

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