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Anybody use the Siegfried SCAT release ?
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Ursman 06-Oct-22
mooseslayer 06-Oct-22
RJ Hunt 08-Oct-22
caribou77 08-Oct-22
WhattheFOC 08-Oct-22
From: Ursman
I’ve been told that using the SCAT (Siegfried Controlled Automatic Trigger) release will help cure target panic. Anybody use it? And if so did it cure the problem? Lancaster used to carry it but has now dropped. Wonder why!

From: mooseslayer
I used the scat for many years. I helped quite alot for tp. You truly don't know when it will trigger. There is hydraulic fluid in the casing and is sensitive to outside temperature. The warmer it is the faster the trigger travel. There are adjustments to help that. Overall i liked it just make a good hold on your target and let the release do it's job. Can't punch the trigger if that's your concern. It worked great for 3-D archery. Never used it for hunting.

From: RJ Hunt
I use that release to shoot year round to keep in good practice. Come hunting season I go to my regular trigger.

From: caribou77
I have one, it can help. My thumb trigger release that I shoot off my palm has done more to eliminate TP for me. The scat is cool and works, but it didn’t take me long to get a feel for when it will go off

From: WhattheFOC
I think it would be a fine way to create a surprise release, but it’s no training aid to help you create a controlled release with another style of release like a thumb button. The scat would not teach you to pull through the shot like a resistance release does.

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