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Fresh Tracks. High Country deer hunt.
Mule Deer
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From: arrowsmith
I just finished watching Randy Newberg, Beau Baty, Lorenzo, and the Gang on a High Country Wyoming deer hunt where they take three beautiful mule deer with rifles. I could not stop smiling and feeling like I was there with these fellows on this hunt. The story, the camaraderie, and the scenery is incredible. I know this is a rifle hunt, but I would encourage anyone who has access to YouTube to watch a High Country deer hunt - 3 bucks down. Well done guys, well done! Prayers are with you Beau Baty. Arrowsmith

From: Yellowcat53
A good show

Randy makes it fun.

From: ultimag
Newberg is a joke

From: Bou'bound
Three posts in and we’re headed south……………

From: Rwd3
I like his stuff quite a bit. He seems to always strive to make a positive influence in all endeavors.

From: drycreek
I like Randy, maybe I’m a joke.

From: hdaman
Randy is a good guy. And he's also helping his employees get a good start in the business. Nothing wrong with that!

From: bigeasygator
I’ve always enjoyed Randy’s content and perspective. Haven’t watched this one yet but certainly will! Always appreciate him interacting on these forums as well! Thanks Big Fin!

From: Thornton
Newberg posts on here and was nice enough to have a conversation with me in PM about a public Colorado hunting spot I've hunted that I recognized in one of his Youtube videos.

From: Dirty D
I think Randy and Crew are great. Love the positive attitude and pretty much everything about the guy.

From: Jaquomo
Ultimag appears to be a Bowsite newbie troll.

From: bowhunt

From: Snag
Well done Mr. Newberg. Such as quality men representing our hunting lifestyle.

From: shakey
A joke, are you kidding? Big fin does a great job on his show and is willing to give advice to anyone that ask. Ultimag too stupid to spell ultra mag, just another jealous rifle hunter.

From: Brotsky
If Randy is a joke then I'm happy to be a clown alongside him.

From: RT
Randy makes watchable shows.

From: elkmtngear
Randy keeps it real! Does a lot to help promote and preserve the opportunities we still have, for Public Land hunting.

And as for his character, I find him genuine, and highly entertaining.

Got an axe to grind, ultimag?

From: maxracx
Randy and his team are awesome. The content they provide is top notch.

From: ultimag
Shakey the name references . the Mossberg 835 ULTIMAG 3.5 inch shotgun so no mistake on the spelling . elkmtngear what a I have to grind and with whom is truly non of your business I'm entitled to my opinion and I stated it randy Newberg is a joke , if you all think he actually hunts accessible public land like his show claims he has you fooled he sure has most on here fooled 95% of his, shows are fi though private ranches with no access public land that he's conned his way into hunting proven FACT he will also claim he doesn't make ANY MONEY off his shows,it's all done in his own dime BULLSHIT you all keep worshipping the clown

From: Jaquomo
You seem very angry and bitter. Might want to get some counseling before it affects your health. Tearing down positive, successful people and spreading falsehoods about them is a dangerous character trait.

Why don't you tell us all the positive things you have done to promote public land hunting opportunities. So far, in your short time on the Bowsite, you've created a keyboard persona as sort of a jerk.

I’ve met Randy, he was a guest speaker at one of our ND Bowhunter banquets. He’s a very good guy, and does a lot to promote hunting. I’ve always enjoyed his shows. I’m not sure who Ultimag is talking about maybe Bowmar?

From: JB
From New York...

From: WapitiBob
'95% of his, shows are fi though private ranches with no access public land that he's conned his way into hunting proven FACT.."

you know the circus is in town when a clown shows up on the forum

From: HDE
"You seem very angry and bitter. Might want to get some counseling before it affects your health. Tearing down positive, successful people and spreading falsehoods about them is a dangerous character trait."

Too many grammatical errors and his sentence structure is "deplorable". Who's the joke? LOL

From: Big Fin
Part of what comes with the territory I operate in are comments such as Ultimag posted. If it’s his personal opinion that I am a joke, that’s OK. I get it. Some will truly think that. Hell, I’ve got family members who think I’m completely off my rock.

If Ulti has evidence to support his "facts," hopefully he'll post them. I’d be curious to know where we are filming to support his claim of “95% on exclusive ranches that I've conned.”

When we started On Your Own Adventures in 2008, it was self-guided hunting on "accessible lands." The idea being that it was hunting on your own, on accessible lands; those being lands we could hunt without paying fees for access, whether public or private. Four of those first-season hunts (out of ten) did include some private lands where we had permission. On three of those episodes, we shot animals on private land. In the YouTube descriptions we've stated when a hunt included some private land, in case it wasn’t clear in the video.

After that first season, it became clear that the public land gig was what got the most traction. So in 2009, we started the transition from the concept of “accessible lands” and started doing exclusively public land hunts, with two exceptions I can think of over the last 14 seasons and 150+ episodes. One, I took an 82-year-old Korean War vet, Ole, on his last deer hunt. A landowner let me build a blind and the guest shot a whitetail buck. Two, when Montana wolf seasons were opened in 2012, most working ranchers allowed anyone with a tag to hunt wolves. Parts of our Season 4 OYOA wolf hunt were filmed on some of those lands.

I posted a thread here on Bowsite a few years ago about a wolf I killed while hunting whitetail does on private land. Not having a videographer with me, I filmed me in the shooting position with my cell phone. I made it clear I was on private land and had permission for two things; whitetail does and wolves.

Since 2009, our second season of OYOA, and all eleven seasons of Fresh Tracks, we’ve done exclusively public land hunts. Not sure where the 95% claim comes from, but maybe we'll find out.

As to the claim that I have stated "I pay for this out on my own dime," he would struggle to find where I ever stated that. I have stated that the way I choose to operate the business has resulted in zero income to me over fifteen years. For the first two years, with the huge stock market crash in the year we started (2008), I did fund it out of my pocket and with some investment from minority investors who thought this would be a fun idea. Once the economy started to recover, I was able to attract sponsorship to help offset some of the costs. I personally funded the losses until 2016, since which time it has wobbled around break-even. I doubt I'll ever get that money back and that's fine. I kept my CPA gig, working both jobs, until two years ago. I still do a small bit of CPA work to fund what my wife says covers “bait and bullets.”

I get that folks will take their shots at me and our platforms. I don’t have any problem with that. Like Ulti said, everyone can have their own opinion. That’s just part of this gig. Critique can be beneficial, as sometimes the criticism gives me ideas to think about and possibly tweak what we do and how we do it.

As to how we do things, I choose to operate the business in the way we do. I had spent the prior fifteen years involved in hunting and access issues. I served on many non-profit boards, formed local groups, testified at legislatures and Congress, and I quickly realized the difficulty representing these issues. I started these platforms hoping to grow the voice of a group of hunters. That is built into our business model. At least half of our content must be 1) information, 2) education, 3) conservation, and/or 4) advocacy. That content doesn't get much attention and it doesn’t generate much, if any, revenue. Most folks don't see/hear that content we produce, as they mostly consume our hunting content. Those four topics are the core of why we do this. As long as I am involved in this operation, half of our content (and almost half of our costs) will be that type of content. That’s my choice and I'm happy with it.

When I say "We," we have seven great employees. Whatever voice this business has, it would be a lot less without them. They deserve to be paid as much as the business can afford. They put a lot of their personal time and effort into this message. They're a higher priority than my situation.

For me, turning 58 this week, I look at it this way. My financial obligations are behind me. Some people reach the point in their life where they spend their spare time and life savings by moving near the grandkids in the big city. Some choose to spend their time and life savings sitting on the beach of Florida. Some spend it on their hunting or fishing retirement. They do it because that is what gives them satisfaction and fulfillment. I choose to invest my time and money doing what gives me satisfaction and fulfillment - producing video and podcast content for platforms that advocate for hunting, shooting, conservation, and access. It's no more complicated than that.

It is amazing that we live in a great country where a kid from a small logging town can live a late-adult life that was his childhood dream. So long as my wife is on board with that idea, and we have employees committed to the same, I will do it until I run out of health, or I run out of money. If we do make a profit with the content sideboards I place on our business, I’m surely not going to apologize to anyone.

A couple points I’ll add as my own comments ….

If you have access to private land, you’d be a fool not to hunt there. If you want a hunt that requires an outfitter, do it and make no apologies. Our content of self-guided hunting on public land is to connect people to the value those public lands have for our hunting culture in this country and hopefully convince them to work toward access and conservation of those public lands. We support all types of hunting, whether on public or private, whether guided or on your own. I’ve done all of the above and I had a blast every time. Just go hunting and enjoy it. And if you can, give some of your time, talent, or money to the causes that allow hunting to continue.

Sorry for the long post. I hope everyone is having a great season. As one of my best friends says multiple times each day, and a statement I've borrowed from him, “What a country!” Go out and enjoy it.

From: arrowsmith

arrowsmith's embedded Photo
Western New York
arrowsmith's embedded Photo
Western New York
Mr. Newberg, No intention of the direction this post went. Sorry about the can of worms. Family and I love the hunts, (both gun and bow). Keep it going, and go Bills! Arrowsmith (from Buffalo, in beautiful western New York)

From: Z Barebow
Not expecting Randy to respond to a troll. Your work, efforts and outreach speak for itself. But you take the time, effort and detail to respond. Your a class act Randy!

As far as Ultranag, not coincidental he adopts a handle after a shotgun. Blasting away and hoping he hits something.

Respect is something you earn. You don’t ask for it.

From: midwest
Randy is pure class and now I think we all know who the joke is.

“ if you all think he actually hunts accessible public land like his show claims he has you fooled he sure has most on here fooled 95% of his, shows are fi though private ranches with no access public land that he's conned his way into hunting proven FACT he will also claim he doesn't make ANY MONEY off his shows,it's all done in his own dime BULLSHIT you all keep worshipping the clown.”

I’m not “worshiping the clown”. I don’t have a “Randy” tattoo or a poster over my bed.

And he requires no assistance from me.

But… I can’t help observing differences between Randy’s post in this thread and others and the ones attacking him.

Count me with Nick, Brian, David and others… maybe “most” of Bowsite.

Class response Randy. Kudos.

From: grasshopper
Happy 58th! I turn 58 on the 8th.

You put out good stuff and a good message that many need to hear. Advocacy is horribly short staffed in Colorado, those who profit show up, not many more.

From: W
Putting the hunting aspect aside, Randy is a great example of what a man should be. He’s created a business that provided for his family. He appears to have a great relationship with his family. He’s kind and generous to others. The hunting community is fortunate to have him.

From: Jebediah
Very engaging guy for sure. Heck I would watch his video if he was doing a sewing demonstration.

From: Shiras42
I think I have inadvertently learned a lot from Randy. I used to be of the opinion that only my way was the right way to hunt. He helped change that and am now of the opinion that the right way to hunt is any legal and ethical way that you choose to do it. On team Randy here from a guy that hunts 90%+ with only trad gear.

From: butcherboy
I really enjoy watching his shows when I get a chance. I have his podcasts on my phone but I rarely listen to podcasts. I just don’t have the time to do that when all my focus is family, running a business, then actual hunting/fishing trips. One of my favorites is still his 5 alarm chili story! ??

From: Matte
5 alarm Chili. Everytime I think of eating something hot during hinting season I Remind myself of 5 alarm Chili.

Randy haters are going to hate, it means you have done something they admire.

From: hdaman
Randy-thanks for being an advocate and positive force for all outdoorsman. Even those that may not understand...

From: maxracx
Great reply Randy!! Happy Birthday and thank you for everything you do.

From: Old School
Matte - that was an all time classic. Belly laughed till it hurt when I watched that episode back in the day. Randy doesn’t need anyone to vouch for him - he’s earned the respect all on his own.


ROUGHCOUNTRY's embedded Photo
ROUGHCOUNTRY's embedded Photo
My youngest son, Sam, lists Mr. Randy as his favorite TV guy or hunting hero. When I was a kid, mine were the Wensel brothers and I eventually got to meet and hunt with them. Sam even thinks Randy is a better hunter than his Dad:)

I'm just glad Sam didn't choose Bill Busbice, "Bill Jerdan" or "Jackie Bushmaster."

He'd love Randy to see his rifle buck he shot recently here in Montana so I'm posting it, ha.

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