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Camp body wipes
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Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
Paul@thefort's embedded Photo
When the Big Wet Ones body cloths were discontinued I needed to try something new on my biv hunts. I found that these Johnson's head to toe cleansing cloths fit the bill but I had to make them work better. So while at camp I just added some water into the light weight pack to moisten all the cloths and then added a few drops of Scent A Way body soap on each cloth as needed after I pull them out. There are15 8X12 inch cloths per pack. I found 2 or 3 cloths can do a good job of body cleaning. Cost per pack, $5.38

From: peterk1234
These right here are next level. .....


From: Zbone
Thanks for sharing guys...

From: deerhunter72
Good idea Paul! Next best thing to a shower.

From: Kodiak
I enjoy being rank. I'm good at it.

From: Matt
Wet wipes are for you (or your tent-mate). I wouldn't worry about the scent free stuff.

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link
Link for the Crocodiles. Heck, they'll even send you a free sample. Will check Walmart this week.

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's embedded Photo
Scrappy's embedded Photo
I like my baby wipes with some hand sanitizer. Eliminates the funk and leaves you feeling squeaky clean.

As always start from the top and work down.

For mountain or packing in hunts, dry them out and add water later

From: RonP
if there's a creek nearby, i take a wash cloth and clean-up a bit at the creek. it may be too cold to get in but you can get rid of the funk.

pro tip: have your buddy stay 100 yards downstream for any fish that may float to the top.

From: Screwball
Are the crocodile wipes scent free? Should have had these when I went into the Bob elk hunting and bathed in the river. Caught giardia as well. Lol that sucked.

I use the green scent away soap but if I don't rinse it off well it really dries out my skin. I don't think the scent away and wipes would work for me.

From: Trial153
Combat wipes, biodegradable as well. Replaces TP and is good for dry bath.

Baby wipes into a ziplock. Add in either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Good to go. Been doing it for decades on the jobsite

From: Brotsky
I just save and reuse my baby wipes from my morning constitutional. Dual purpose and I never have any problems with too many guys hunting my area.

From: WhattheFOC
Around here we call that a “whore’s shower”.

From: peterk1234
Wtf...I like it!

From: Chuckster
Yep, we call that a "hoe bath".

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