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Kennetrek mountain extremes too stiff?
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rershooter 09-Oct-22
Recurve Man 09-Oct-22
Beendare 09-Oct-22
RT 09-Oct-22
fdp 09-Oct-22
Bowboy 09-Oct-22
Treeline 09-Oct-22
Mule Power 09-Oct-22
Treeline 09-Oct-22
Scoot 09-Oct-22
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ElkNut1 09-Oct-22
Aluminum Rain 09-Oct-22
welka 09-Oct-22
Glidingindian 09-Oct-22
ohiohunter 10-Oct-22
From: rershooter
Do you feel the mountain extremes are too stiff for backpack elk and muledeer bowhunting?

From: Recurve Man
When i first put mine on i was not a fan. Felt to stiff and was almost to weird feeling. Now though 5 yrs later I'll own another pair when these are wore out.

From: Beendare
I have the Hoffmans - great boits- which are similar. I went years wearing lighter more flexible boots.

At first I didnt like them, i had some rubbing on my heel and they were stiff. Now when I put them on they are like an old friend. My feet feel better after a long day in these Hoffman boots than they do in the lighter trail hikers- a bit counter intuitive but true. Im going on 4 yrs with these and still a great boot.

The only negative is they are heavier but if you train in them, Its a wash.

From: RT
I was sure to break mine in before hunting. I usually do that by backpacking into remote lakes for fly fishing. They will get more flexible after around 30 miles of rough terrain. Obviously, be sure to know exactly what your foot size is, including width, and how to tie boots for best fit. Finally, Scheels is a great place to shop and they will work with you if something is off and the boots just don't work for you.

From: fdp
It's all subjective. Your boots are for your feet and should meet your expectations of comfort and fit.

From: Bowboy
I’ve been using them for years. The main thing you need to do is put 20-30 miles on them. They provide great ankle support.

From: Treeline
I love mine. They were really stiff to start but after some tromping they are awesome for me. The soles are a bit stiff for sneaking up on critters but I have moccasins for that…

From: Mule Power

Mule Power's embedded Photo
Mule Power's embedded Photo
Welcome to the world of quality boots. If you only wear them for a week or two each season it’ll be years before they’re completely broken in. But they’ll last.

Good boots can’t be bought and taken right on a high country hunt. You should wear them all summer when you can. Cutting grass etc.

These are 12 years old. LOTS of hunting and guiding and still ticking.

From: Treeline
Good hunting boots are like a fine wine, just get better with age!

From: Scoot
I hated them! My buddy loves them! They tore my feet up, especially my heels. Like was said above, totally person dependent.

From: JTreeman
I wouldn’t wear them if they sponsored me. But I have friends who like them, and have friends who used to like them till they figured out what they really like.

My feeling with boots is the first time I put them on if they don’t feel right they ain’t right. Forget all that 30 mile break in stuff. When I know the boot is right I can walk out the door and go hunting.

And yes, in my personal opinion that is generally too much boot for most guys needs in general elk/deer country. But that can vary a lot too, a grain of salt is recommended as with all of my suggestions…


From: ElkNut1
I have aprox 8 sets of hunting boots I use for elk, not one beats the Mountain Extreme Kenetreks. When it comes to steep & deep & side-hilling with & without loads they are simply awesome & super comfortable! It's not a boot you just try on or wear a few times, you gotta put them to work!


JTreeman X 2

From: welka
Way too stiff for my feet, but as you can see, a lot of people like them.

My Salomon’s and Lowas failed me on recent elk hunt in NM. Had some kenetrek hardscrabble hikers drop shipped for my Wyoming hunt the next week. Had no problems even without any break in, same experience I had with my two pairs of kenetrek mountain extremes. They do seem a little stiff but had no problems right out of the box. Guess my feet are made for this brand. My son has Crispis and raves about them

From: ohiohunter
To each his own with boots. I couldn’t get them to work for me, the final straw was a flat elk hunt in mostly sand. They chewed up my heels for the last time. I definitely had far better luck with the Lowa tibets, more flexible than the extremes but definitely a stiff boot. Also has a vibram sole compared to foam mid sole of the ME’s which I feel offers zero impact absorption imo. The only Lowas that failed me were the renegades but they’re more of a very light hiker with terrible stitching placement.

I’ll add, I don’t care for how narrow the sole is on the extremes. Look at them from the back and you’ll see what I mean.

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