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recommendations for first moose
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Green Chile 10-Oct-22
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LBshooter 18-Oct-22
From: Green Chile
What areas would you recommend for a first archery moose hunt where drawing a tag isn't required? Would you look at Newfoundland or maybe Alberta? I'm researching options for 2-3 years out. Looking for good shot opportunities on mature bulls without spending Yukon prices.

I would go to Alberta with Mike’s Outfitting. Totally unbiased advice…

From: milnrick
I think Mike gave you a solid recommendation. If Lady Bowhunter and I were looking for an Alberta Moose, we'd be calling him.

From: Green Chile
Interesting...I've saved his article on 180" mule deer for years and corresponded with him a few times about that. Just read it again today in fact.

From: Green Chile
Is Mike pretty solid on most of the Alberta species?

From: t-roy

From: Bowboy
Mike is one of the best in Alberta.

From: DonVathome

From: Inshart
Diddo on Mike. I haven't seen you on BS before, so assuming you are new here. If the search function worked, I would say to go back and research his name -- he is as solid as they come. .... And no, I have never hunted with him - just going by his reputation here on BS.

From: Ollie
Budget? That will play a major role in where you can hunt.

From: Green Chile
I haven't posted much but have been following Bowsite for about 10 years. Budget is 10-12k.

From: DonVathome
That budget is a drop camp in AK, or a fully guided hunt in Canada. I hear a lot of good things about newfoundland but have 0 experience there. Research who you hire extensively and find your own references, and check theirs. Here is my question list for outfitters (it might be dated I have not used one in decades)

Name of outfitter:___________________ Phone number________________

Year_________ Game________________ State______________ Price___________


How many years have you been guiding (in business)?

How many guides do you have and how long have they been guiding?

How many hunters do you take each year? Will this be a 1 on 1 hunt?

How many hunters have been in the area before we will be there?

What unit do you hunt? Will we be hunting public or private ground?

Is there a minimum size for game to be taken?

What is your success rate of game taken and opportunities?

How many legal game animals should I expect to see on the hunt?

How many opportunities would you expect me to get?

What is the average size/age of game you take? What is the trophy quality? Did these trophies come from the area I will be hunting? What animals do you specialize in?

Do you bowhunt? Do you take clients that bowhunt? How often?

What optics do you use?

Do you use horses, planes, cars, ATV’s or boats to get to hunting areas?

Do you have a reference list with unsuccessful hunters on it?

How is what base camp is used chosen? What type of accommodations are there?

Do you have several different locations to hunt in case one is not good?

Will camp be moved if game is not located?

If required will you spend a night on the mountain to continue after game?

Is there any other game I might be able to hunt at the same time?

Is there fishing?

How do you hunt? (ie call, glass, tree stands stalk etc)

How often, when and how do you preseason scout? Has the area been scouted by my guide?

How large is the hunting area and what is the elevation?

What can expect as far as competition from other hunters?

How will our guide be determined?

Do the guides live and hunt this area year round?

If the hunt ends early what do we do?

How is game transported to camp?

How many repeat customers do you have (percentage)?

How much of the day do you hunt?

Will you take care of meat & capes, and prepare a head to take to a taxidermist? How is meat cared for?

Is there a practice range at camp?

What is the best time of year to hunt?

Do you call or use bait?

Do you track wounded game at night?

Are you fully licensed? (Lacey act)


What does this hunt cost? What is the payment schedule?

What are the additional (hidden) costs (license, airfare, meat, capes etc)?

Can you sell me the license or do I need to find a place to purchase it?

Is there a refund policy?

What is not included with the hunt?

Do you pick us up from the aiport?

Is there a trophy fee or harvest fee, cost to get meat out etc?

Can you take care of caping and shipping meat, cape and horns home?

How long is the hunt? Does this include time getting to camp?

Is that hunting time or total time without transportation?

Is this a 1:2 or 1:1 hunt?

Can extra days be added?

What is your cancellation policy?

What type of food will we eat?

What is the biggest problem you see with your hunters?

What is your wounding policy?

What if something beyond both of our control happens to cancel the hunt?

Sheep Questions:

How experienced are your pilots?

What happens of bad weather delays a hunt?

Will we be hunting from main camps, spike camps or wherever the game is?

What do you think of 2:1 hunts?

How many hunters will be there before me and how many sheep will you take out of your area?

From: Nick Muche
If I was an outfitter and was asked all of those questions I’d either politely get off the phone or not respond to the email.

From: Rgiesey
Kind of like Nick. I went where friends had great experiences. Nelson’s for mountain caribou, lake minto, Kurt figured Newfoundland out, a buddy hooked up with a good moose caller in Ontario, nahanni butte. The only one not perfect was the sheep.

Get on the list at Papa Bear Adventures. Might as well hunt a big moose if your going at all. There are others out there. Just harder to find. Papa Bear is the "easy button".

From: Bigpizzaman
Lol Nick, yeah thats not questions that’s an Interrogation, I’d rather go to the Dentist!

From: Ogoki
Wife and I just returned from Ontario. We flew in 120 miles, very close to Albany River . I only moose hunted once before in 2013 ,with no success, high winds and 80 degree temps . Had good conditions first 4 days on this trip. 40's to low 50's and calm . I called in 3 bulls . One was within 50 yards ,but no clear shot . I knew strong winds and snow squalls coming ,so pulled out rifle and called one in the next evening . Gutted in snow storm. 2 miles back to camp by boat in snow was an adventure . Will go again next September, if tag is available. Trip cost us $2650 each ,plus license.

From: TMac
Spot on Nick holy Jesus lol

From: Treeline
Nick x2!!!

Lots of great options out there but you will need to do the homework!

From: hunterken
Newfoundland without a doubt. You can moose hunt with numerous outfitters for half your budget amount. Truely a bargain hunt for moose. And, you can bring ALL your meat home or have it shipped, unlike traveling to AK, BC, or other provinces. Outfitters there all use an outfit to transport your meat to the US and you don't have to drag it home. Airline shipping is unaffordable even if they would take it.

From: Hancock West
whats the better dates for newfoundland?

From: Rgiesey
I’d be confident booking with Mike. Also know and just had a friend go with Byron Wolf. Great guy!

From: JL
IMO....Don has a great list to reference when exercising due diligence. When you and a buddy are going to drop some serious coin with an outfitter....he better be able to have some answers to Don's questions. Asking and answering questions is good communications between the hunter and outfitter....and smart business. If an outfitter chooses not to answer worries....move on to another outfitter. My two pennies....

From: labxtreme1.
If you're open to doing a DIY. With being 2-3 years out, you can find a reputable pilot in AK to drop you in and have good odds at being successful.

From: Dino
Go see Mike U. It’s really that simple.

From: cnelk
Just because you go moose hunting doesn’t mean you will be successful. Canada or Alaska.

From: LBshooter
I saw a an outfitter in Newfoundland who offers a moose/bear hunt for 6500 includes tags, license. Hard to beat that, granted its 2400 miles from me but that's a great deal IMO.

From: Green Chile
It's interesting on Mike's website...he seems to downplay the odds on moose. You see that in multiple ways on his info. Maybe he's just being really conservative?

What Newfoundland outfitters get good reviews? I saw the one that was close to 30k! Most are much lower.

From: molsonarcher
IMO Mike is being realistic, not downplaying anything. Siht happens hunting, and anything can go wrong. Mike is just being honest, and thats not always easy to find with an outfitter.

I watched Mikes posts for years, and just this year finally did book with him for 2024 mulies. Dino is right, it really is just that simple.

From: DonVathome
I 100% agree my list is WAY to many questions. I have never asked even 1/4 of that many, but I almost never go guided. In over 50 big hunting trips I went for gator DIY and guided (lot's of specialty gear and a boat required) and my first big game hunt other then whitetail deer I hire a outfitter in Canada. Other then 4 AK transporters I have never hired anyone else. It is up to you to decide what you want to ask. When I hired my moose transporter in AK I did so much research I had decided I was hiring him before I even spoke to him. I pretty much asked a few questions just so KN ow I had done everything possible. Most of the questions are to get YOU thinking and planning.

I read way to many outfitter nightmare stories here. Most guys do not deserve what happened to them, but 99% of issues could have been avoided with proper research and asking questions.

From: Turkeyhunter
Go to New Brunswick, with the right outfitter they will put you on a bull. Tell him to put you in a tree stand over mineral site or good trail. You will get a shot.

From: q d m
Mike U is the best have hunted with Mike 2 x you cant't go wrong.

From: LBshooter
Don't hunt moose from a tree stand, takes the fun out of it. You have to be on the ground and bring them in for a shot, I can't imagine what that's like but that's the way I will do It. Heck I don't even care about the antlers, I just want the experience of that monster walking in on me.

From: LBshooter
Don't hunt moose from a tree stand, takes the fun out of it. You have to be on the ground and bring them in for a shot, I can't imagine what that's like but that's the way I will do It. Heck I don't even care about the antlers, I just want the experience of that monster walking in on me.

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