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Sleeping bags in 2022
Contributors to this thread:
huntinelk 14-Oct-22
BillyD 14-Oct-22
Hank_S 14-Oct-22
GDx 14-Oct-22
Elkslaya 14-Oct-22
JSW 14-Oct-22
walleyes 15-Oct-22
huntinelk 21-Oct-22
Shaft2Long 21-Oct-22
John in MO / KY 24-Oct-22
From: huntinelk
I currently have a Marmot Helium 15 degree bag that was new in 2007. It is getting a bit worn and I'm thinking about updating. They still make the Helium with a few changes from my older model. They can be found for around $400 new on sale. I've been very happy with my old Helium. Is there anything made in 2022 for around the same price that is better quality or lighter, that I should consider before purchasing the new model Helium?

From: BillyD
I am not overly familiar w/ the Helium, yet recently purchased a Nemo Riff 15 (on special $350, retail $400). Used it on a recent backcountry hunt for the first time. Lite and spacious (cut a bit wider in the shoulder for side sleeping). Temps where mild, so cannot comment on temperature rating. Bag is equipped with a vent system and a comfortable baffle/hood. Might be worth a look.

From: Hank_S
2nd the Nemo Riff!

From: GDx
unless your baffles are bad, i would just wash it well by hand. i have a helium and a Wm alpinlite that is overstuffed. they both weigh about the same. it would appear that the wm bag is slightly higher quality, but i haven't noticed a difference in sleeping in them. i had a mountainsmith vision that i actually liked better than both if these but the baffles gave out on it.

From: Elkslaya
No complaints on my Slickbag for another $100 or so. Not only is it warm and fairly light, but the zipper does not get hung up on the bag material.

From: JSW
I recently purchased a Kelty Cosmic Ultra dry down for $229. I used it several times and have been really happy with it.

From: walleyes
Taiga down bags have been good to me for a good price too.

From: huntinelk
Marmot is having a 30% off sale, dropping the Helium to $315 with free shipping. Pretty sure I paid more than that in 2007.

From: Shaft2Long
Good to see the posts on Nemo Riff, not to hijacker’s the thread but that’s my next bag. Like shape.

I'm generally a side sleeper. It looks like the Marmot Helium might be a little tight for that. Any of you guys with the Helium find it ok for side sleeping?

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