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Basil 17-Oct-22
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From: Basil
Question for you people who own Fanatic bibs. Places I hunt are thick with burrs. How well do the bibs fare with burrs. The coat is amazing but I usually put it in my pack for the trip in & out.

Get the fanatic lite. The original will be a nightmare. Trust me

From: Basil
Figured as much. Burr resistant mapping in the product description. I’ve had to throw fleece & Berber away in the past

From: t-roy
Is packing them in to the stand, and putting them on once you get there, an option?

From: Michael
Might want to take a look at the stratus bibs as well.

I run those with a heavyweight base layer and a pair of Kuiu attack pants under the bibs. Never got cold and have had some long sits into single digits. The nice thing about the stratus line is you get wind stopper just like the fanatic line. Do the fanatic lite still not have wind stopper? That could be a deciding factor as well. Good luck in your decision making.

From: Jon Simoneau
They will pick up burrs but they are warm. I love mine. Fanatic lite does not have wind stopper and will not be great in windy conditions.

From: Pat Lefemine
If you have to walk through burrs you might consider lightweight chaps that you can put over the fanatic bibs.

While the Berber fleece will be worse, the stratus bibs will also pic up burrs. It’s gonna be hard to find quiet material that won’t catch stickers.

From: PK
they even pick up dead goldenrod leaves really bad! i love and hate mine in the same day over and over again............

From: Jerry Gille
I absolutely can't walk anywhere with fanatic bibs on in Illinois cause I just get too hot. I carry them in anyway.

From: CurveBow
Burrs & stickers suck! But, I'll still use my Sitka Fanatic & Stratos!!

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
One other option for you guys is to switch the bibs to the Aerolite incinerator and pair with the Sitka Fanatic jacket. It will be much warmer however so you may have to vent it over 30 degrees. It's not as quiet but you won't collect stickers.

I love my fanatic set (original ones) and equally hate them due to how badly they pick up burrs.

I purchased a Burr Paw burr remover-helps tremendously.

Ideally you can pack the bibs & jacket into your stand.

I will say without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve never felt warmer in my treestand.

I’m in Iowa so we get the brutal cold & humidity and I’ve hunted late muzzy every year and been plenty warm.

Just be prepared & buy the Burr Paw now it will be super helpful

From: mgmicky
I got the Fanatic vest late last year during one of the sales. Have only had 1 chance to use it so far, but looking forward to putting it to the test later this season. I especially like the built in muff to keep my shooting glove free when I’m out with the longbow.

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