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yooper89 20-Oct-22
From: yooper89

Posted this on another forum but since I'm on a time crunch I'm hoping someone here may be able to weigh in. I only have until Monday to pick up the tag and it's a 4 hour drive to do so. Beware, this is a rifle question.

Has anybody put in for the special Baca NWR rifle draws? I had never heard of this process until a random facebook post a couple months back, but figured I'd put my name in the hat since I knew I wasn't going to be able to archery hunt in September due to a sheep tag in August. Anyway, I was selected for 11/7-11/11. From what I understand, there will only be a total of 5 hunters given access during those dates. I also understand, or assume, this will be far from an adventurous hunt but I'd really like to get some meat in the freezer and figure it would beat fighting the crowds in the second/third rifle seasons.

Any advice or experience, good or bad would be great.


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