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Air rifle for turkey hunting in Colorado
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Paul@thefort 23-Oct-22
Groundhunter 23-Oct-22
DanaC 23-Oct-22
hawkeye in PA 23-Oct-22
RT 23-Oct-22
JusPassin 23-Oct-22
Ben 23-Oct-22
Jaquomo 23-Oct-22
RK 23-Oct-22
Glunt@work 23-Oct-22
cnelk 23-Oct-22
From: Paul@thefort
The CPW Commission is considering the use of an air rifle during the Colorado Turkey season. This was a citizens petition at a recent Commission meeting. In Colorado there is no archery only turkey season, so bow and shot guns can be used in the season. A high powered rifle can be use in the Fall turkey season.

I have also seen where some states are also allowing the air rifle for deer hunting and I did see a video of a hunter using one for elk hunting somewhere.

I am sure some here own and have shot the new air rifles, so what is your options about their use, for turkeys, deer and then elk. Thanks, Paul

From: Groundhunter
I have no issue with them during a legit gun season. They are such a specialty weapon, and alot investment. An oil less compressor is 500.00.....not a cheap weapon system.

From: DanaC
Begs the question, why would you want* to?

There are some damn good salesman running a lot of these state agencies anymore. JMHO.

From: RT
Air guns during a gun season great, crossbows during archery boooooo.

From: JusPassin
Isn't switching to air guns the way the took real firearms away in some European countries for hunting?

From: Ben
To your question why? Probably some are wanting to shoot the nuisance turkeys living in town in housing editions where firearms and bows would be frowned upon. The air gun I bought the other day is deadly at 20 yards with a scope. Could be poked out the door and shot without anyone noticing.

From: Jaquomo
They a have the potential to be fabulous poaching tools. Not that anyone would do that....

From: RK

From: Glunt@work
I don't see the harm if allowed when rifles are. I don't know any air rifle enthusiasts that feel disenfranchised because they can't hunt turkeys with them and would be slow to make/change laws for a tiny user group.

Lewis and Clark had a Girardoni on their expedition. 22 shots a minute if they could keep the leather seals in good condition. .46 caliber, accurate and over 1000fps.

They hunted with it but it's biggest impact was impressing new tribes they came across.

From: cnelk
In Wyoming, you can use any weapon you want for Spring Turkey. Bow, Shotgun, Centerfire, ML…..

What’s the big deal?

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