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Suggestion for CO elk drop camp
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Double D 23-Oct-22
Dale06 23-Oct-22
Charlie Rehor 23-Oct-22
PeteO 23-Oct-22
Groundhunter 23-Oct-22
Jaquomo 23-Oct-22
From: Double D
Looking to take my adult boys on a archery elk drop camp hunt in Colorado. Any guidance would be appreciated.

From: Dale06
Not what you want to hear, but my experience is that these are generally “expensive camping trips.” Yes, I’m sure some get into elk, but that’s the exception. If you find one, I hope it works out well for you.

See our thread on the Elk Forum. “Colorado Elk Hunt, Razza, Wood and Rehor” We got two bulls and a big chocolate Bear. Flat Top Adventures, Forest Bows. Good luck C

From: PeteO
I went with friends fred Eichler and full draw outfitters and all 4 hunters in camp had a great time. Saw plenty of elk and all had shots. He definitely did his part.

From: Groundhunter
Years ago went with the Wallace family in Colorado. Wonderful Times and family.

From: Jaquomo
PeteO was yours a drop camp?

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