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Anyone using TideWe Camo?
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Hancock West 23-Oct-22
JL 23-Oct-22
[email protected] 23-Oct-22
Pat Lefemine 23-Oct-22
Candor 23-Oct-22
Sidekick 23-Oct-22
[email protected] 23-Oct-22
Hancock West 24-Oct-22
DanaC 24-Oct-22
From: Hancock West
I keep seeing Tidewe camo popup while searching for camo? Anyone using it? They must have a pretty large digital marketing campaign going with google.

From: JL
I never heard of them. Just looking around....it looks like they use several different companies to make the camo for their products.

We have Tidewe insulted waders for duck hunting. So far, so good and a great value.

From: Pat Lefemine
I’m pretty sure Tidewe is based out of China. I bought a cheap Tidewe rangefinder off Amazon and it was within 1 yard of my Sig at 735 yards. Only it was 400$ cheaper.

They seem to be making a lot of hunting products lately.

I know nothing about their camo but the sure are putting price pressure on the US made goods.

From: Candor
I just bought a pair of their waders off of Amazon. They seem well made but the boot is way heavy. Could probably walk across a bed of nails with it. I think I will be returning them because of how heavy the weight of the boot.

From: Sidekick
I've seen a few ads from them for heated jackets & vests.

Supposedly out of Wisconsin but obviously the gear is imported.

From: Hancock West
I found them while searching for a heated vest as well.

From: DanaC

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