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Need a new bow
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Keadog 29-Oct-22
From: Keadog

Keadog's embedded Photo
Keadog's embedded Photo
My BTx31 exploded the upper limbs at 3/4 draw while practicing yesterday. 60# bow set to 54#. Bow never dropped and always stored in climate controlled room. Shot very little. Obviously feel very lucky but am now wary of shooting the other two BTx31s I own.

Looking for the smoothest draw (#1) due to bone spurs in neck and some shoulder issues without sacrificing too much speed (#2). This bow gave me about 268fps with 400 grain arrows at 54# and was unbelievably accurate.

Price not main concern. Thanks.

From: JohnMC
That sucks glad you were not hurt. Have you called blowtech? They may replace limbs for you and other damaged parts.

From: elkmtngear
Wow! That really sucks, glad you are OK!

Like people have always told me, go to your local pro shop, and shoot a bunch of them. Find the one that you KNOW is right for you!

From: jdbbowhunter
Wow, glad your ok. Unfortunately can happen with any bow.

From: Grey Ghost
Sadly, it appears "Blowtech" is still living up to their nickname. A quick search shows that limb failures are pretty common on the BTX 31. Of course, all manufactures have occasional limb problems, but it seems more common with just a few.

I agree with elkmtngear, bows are a lot like boots...gotta find the one that fits you, not one that someone tells you to buy.

Good luck, and sorry for your mishap.


From: Ucsdryder
If you don’t need one this year wait for the new bows to be released. You can get a deal on a previous model year or get the latest and greatest.

Hoyt Carbon

From: Bowboy
Go to your local Pro Shop and shoot the various brands. You’ll know which one you like after the shot

From: Boatman71
Look into an Xpedition MX32. Extremely smooth draw cycle and quick. The bow holds EXTREMELY well. They hit the ball out of the park with that bow!

From: JusPassin
Maybe a nice Black Widow!!!

From: Supernaut
No bow recommendation but I'm glad you are OK!

Best of luck in the search for your new bow.

From: Bwhnt
Mathews Z7...smooth, fast and forgiving.

From: Murph
Ultra line of the Hoyt’s are claimed by many to have a super smooth draw

From: Machino
training wheels have to come off sometime...! try a trad bow and make archery great again

From: Old Reb
Did the BTX-31 that exploded on you still have the original limbs on it? I went through this same issue several years ago. I went to the shop where I purchased the bow and they contacted Bowtech who then sent replacement limbs that were built in house. The original limbs were made by an outside company. Everything was covered under the warranty. I hope you registered the bow when you bought it. Also have your shop check the cams. The bearings on mine went out when the limb broke. I haven't had any issues with the limbs that were manufactured in house. I am very satisfied with this bow and would have mine repaired again before buying something else. Good luck.

From: fuzzy
Machino I did that when my Oregon compound blew up in 97. Never looked back.

From: PECO2
Try some recurves and longbows.

From: 12yards
Unlike you, I don't "need" a new bow, but I want one. I am seriously considering the new Elite Omnia. Sounds fast and quiet. Might need to opt for the smoother cam module though. That speed has to come from somewhere and if the draw is stiff, it's not for me and my old shoulders.

From: APauls
Bowtech Revolt îs super smooth. Quick too. Absolutely love it. Draw cycle reminds me of my Matthew Switchback XT.

From: Keadog
I mistakenly started another thread but don't know how to delete it. Bowtech hasn't answered my email in two days, so unlikely to buy another just based on poor customer relations if they ignore me. Liked these bows but... As far as traditional, I shot Morrison Dakotas in the early 2000s until my shoulder just couldn't take the number of practice shots I felt necessary to ethically shoot at live game. So I actually went back to compounds around 2011 or so. I'll be hunting with one of the 70# BT-X31s, but it's getting to be too much weight for my neck and shoulder even turned down all the way. So, I'm not in any rush, but will be in the market if something that fills the bill comes along. Thanks for the comments.

From: KHNC
Ignore the idiotic "blowtech" comments first of all. Give Bowtech a call vs email. The company supposedly under new ownership. They will take care of warranty , but you will probably need to go thru a dealer. The BTX31 was my least favorite of the last 10 years flagships from them. The Realm X and the Revolt X have been my two favorites. The older prodigy was a classic as well. I would just get new limbs on this one if you like it. Limb failures are not common, regardless of the internet telling you different.

From: HDE
My next bow, if I decide to get a new one, will be a PSE I think.

From: Keadog
If they have a link to an email address on their site, they should monitor it and respond, especially to significant problems. I reached out to them and they haven't replied. Thinking of going back to Hoyt maybe. Several dealers around me. Reviews on new models pretty positive. My main concern is always smooth draw. I'll probably finish out the season with a 70# BT-X31 turned down to 60ish and look into a new 60# bow when things quiet down early next year. Any other recs appreciated.

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