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Where is Kelly’s memorial knife K421 now
Contributors to this thread:
Treefarm 26-Oct-22
pav 27-Oct-22
greg simon 27-Oct-22
Ucsdryder 27-Oct-22
Jaquomo 27-Oct-22
Mt. man 27-Oct-22
Bou'bound 27-Oct-22
Treefarm 27-Oct-22
From: Treefarm
I haven’t seen much action or stories about the Kelly’s traveling memorial knife. It would be neat to have a link with the booklet of hunting stories.

From: pav
I thought it was K114? No idea where it may be these days?

From: greg simon
Wasn't it presented to his daughter???

From: Ucsdryder
K114…when bow site was bowsite, seems like a lifetime ago. MBSGA

From: Jaquomo
Pretty sure it, and the journal, were given to Morgan.

From: Mt. man
Yes, his daughter Morgan has it now. There was an update on the K114 thread about it a while back. Good Stuff!

From: Bou'bound
Great guy and tribute. He probably would not recognize the bowsite today

From: Treefarm
Thanks guys. Yes, Kelly was a great guy. How he nurtured his daughter into bowhunting and articulated the stories was great.

Never put off that bowhunting trip until next year. Do it all today while you can enjoy it!

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