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The nurse is important
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From: NickFury1
The nurse is important

From: Bearman
Yep, but cute is bestest.

From: Ambush
Lots of men like nursing.

From: GhostBird
Yes. The doctor will kill you.

From: Scoot
Ummm... what's happening?

From: JohnMC
Let's just hope the nurse is not Thornton. That would be scary.

From: Bou'bound
Particularly if she is coming with the bed pan

From: APauls
Halloween costume?

From: deerhunter72
Can always count on John to keep the humor going! And no, I would not want to see Thornton walking into my room at the ER.

From: 70lbDraw
Check her knees… maybe she’s the head nurse?!

From: Thornton

Thornton's embedded Photo
Thornton's embedded Photo
We're taking names and savin' lives gentlemen. I'm going to hunt the entire month of November in between tree work.

From: deerhunter72
Thornton, I do thank you for your work and dedication. Please forgive my comment above. I know firsthand that the work you do is demanding and intense. Happy hunting!

Hunting the whole month in the 1 acre grove of trees on the hilltop? One buck from 4 square miles is bound to come by I’m sure of it

From: Thornton
No offense taken. I actually chuckled at your statement. Busy day ER today and dealing with some very twisted stuff someone did to someone else, and I'll surely be subpoenad to court over it. I may very well make it to that grove of trees on the hilltop. Unlike Mr. Higgins, our wide open country is seemingly void of 200 inchers. I'd be ecstatic to see a 170".

From: LOSTNwoods
Thornton you have the best job for archery hunting. Work so many strait days then have off so many more. Appreciate all ya do. Best of luck!

From: Beendare
Well here's an ode to wife is a nurse so I'm partial- grin

I scraped my elbow....picture a tiny scuff with 220 sandpaper- nothing. Well a week later this elbow blew up like a balloon while we were on vacation, raging infection. We flew home a day early, My wife made me go to an urgent care appt on a Saturday. The doc gave me a prescription for 2 very potent antibiotics...and said lets followup on Monday.

The nurse was there for the whole thing...and stayed writing instructions after the doc left. I could see something was bothering her....though of course its not her place to contradict the doc.

I read people for a I prodded her, "Its obvious you disagree....I won't say anything....Cmon, what would you do?"

She was hesitant but said," There is no way you should wait for a Monday could go septic and she showed me the Cellulitis and streaks developing in my Popeye arm- this is bad, she said.

She said, " If you wake up tomorrow and that swelling has not changed much, Don't eat or drink anything and Get yourself to the ER ASAP"

I told her I hate waiting in the ER. [my wife would have shot me if she had a pistol] She said, "Don't worry....I will take care of that....just tell them to look at your chart"

My wife Agreed....and kicked me out of the house at 6am Sunday- "get to the hospital"

Sunday AM the ER admit nurse looked at me like, 'What are you doing here" I gave him my card and said, check my chart'

I was in surgery an hour later and the surgeon told me later that Nurse saved my bacon...."if you would have waited it could have been really bad." the surgeon said. 3 more days on IV antibiotics and finally my arm was getting back to normal.

Thanks nurses.....Heck, I could have started this thread! Grin


My dad was a surgeon. At one point I was volunteering at a hospital, thinking I was headed for Med School, and a nurse - an ARMY nurse, mind you - asked me what I thought I wanted to go into and I told her Surgery. “You don’t seem arrogant enough to be a Surgeon”.

I said “Oh. That’s because my Grandma was a Nurse.”

Nurses LOVED my dad, because he was the only surgeon they’d ever met who’d literally grown up taking orders from a Nurse. Grandma - all nowhere-close-to-five-feet of her - also ran Grandpa’s whole practice - nurse, office manager, secretary, billing department…. And that was back in the Depression when they were practically getting paid in chickens… before Grandpa got shipped off to WWII… and after.

I have no idea how this thread got started, but JMO, a Doc who is disrespectful towards a nurse or PA who has spent a lot more time with the patient is a red flag.

From: Thornton
LOSTn woods thanks. Several guys on here have poked fun at me, degraded my profession, and flat out been malicious about it. Started out an EMT but it didn't pay. If I had it to do over again, I'd have spent less time chasing girls in college and went on to be a PA or APRN. Cool thing about my job is I have zero competition for requesting hunting days off working with all these women. Full time is only 3, 12 hour days a week. I keep my sanity in the summer running my landscape business on my days off.

From: DanaC
I've spent enough time in hospitals to know who the angels are. They're the nurses who come in at night when there's a blizzard going outside, checking on patients through the cold night.

From: bigswivle
My youngest daughter is at Tampa general right now recovering from a fractured skull and blood clot removal just outside of her brain. I can’t tell you enough how good of an experience an awesome nursing crew makes such a shitty situation.(she’s doing great)

From: midwest
At least your first name isn't Gaylord.

Tough job, no way I could do it. Thanks to all the nurses out there.

My daughter started as an RN and now is the Director of a Orthopedic surgery center. Nurses are my hero’s. . They have helped me through many of my self inflicted injuries. And saved my life once.

It’s a shame that some areas still have nurses off work because of a vaccine that has been proven to not stop a virus.

Police, Fireman, Nurses !!!! They wear uniforms.

not costumes like actors and sports celebrities wear.

From: elkmtngear
My Wife is an open heart recovery Nurse, and she's damn good at it. She's brought many back from the dead, she's who you want by your bedside, if you are ever in that situation.

She begrudgingly takes care of me (repairs me), when I do stupid things, as well :^D

From: Beendare
My wife ( RN, Wound specialist) does home health visits.

I can gut a hog while eating a ham sandwich, doesn’t bother me….but some of the wounds I’ve seen on her phone are stomach turners….I don’ t know how she does it.

From: badbull
Very proud of my RN granddaughter (emergency room nurse) who happens to be my bowhunting and fishing buddy. She is a wiry little gal with a bunch of energy that pulls over 50 lbs. with her Diamond. Her nurse team is known for their archery achievements at their hospital. I have a great deal of respect for all of the nurses and medical people that are there helping us whenever we need it. Badbull

From: TGbow
God bless all the nurses..and the doctors

From: sitO
Hope everything turns out well Conner, stay strong!

From: N8tureBoy
I high school we took an aptitude test and mine came back saying my best match was “Nurse”. I was a little embarrassed to tell my friends it didn’t come back saying “rock star” or “nfl quarterback”. I took a different path and after 25 years I wasn’t happy. Life is short and either I could continue to wait for things to change, or I could change. So I went back to school and became …. a nurse. Now nurse practitioner. Never been happier!

From: Grey Ghost
Once, when I regained consciousness from a surgical procedure, my hottie nurse was staring me in the eyes from about a foot away. My first words were “ you have beautiful eye lashes!” She smiled and blushed a little. We got to know each other on a friendly level over the course of my next few days of my recovery. When I was checking out, she pulled me aside, and confessed her eye lashes were fake.

God bless nurses.


From: Coyote 65
Had a triple bypass in April. But had some complications while in the hospital before the surgery. Spent 3 weeks so I got to meet lots of nurses. What I found interesting was I was able to bond with several of them so that I got to hear their stories.

What surprised me the most was most of them were "Travelers". There is such a shortage of nurses that they were on 6 month contracts and were seeing the USA while getting really good pay and per diem. My last nurse before I was discharged was 6 months away from having enough saved to go pack to school and become a nurse practitioner without having to work while furthering his education.

They were some of the finest young people I ever met.


From: fuzzy
The heart of Healthcare, whether preventive, maintenance, or treatment

From: Boris
Retired after 30 years. ICU ( medical and surgical) . Did wound care and then worked at the university with disabled students.

From: Catscratch
Boris and others on here who are nurses or have family in nursing... THANK YOU for your service.

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