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Different type of bear story
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Corax_latrans 27-Oct-22
Bou’bound 29-Oct-22
Grey Ghost 29-Oct-22

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So here’s a guy who stumbled across a big ol’ bear and had a lot more time to figure out his options.

From: Bou’bound
headlines are funny.

it was a "standoff" not because he was in a dangerous situation, but because he wanted to stand there and shoot it. if he was worried about being in a stand-off he could have walked away the bear was not going to climb down and eat him.

if we was concerned the bear would "pounce on him" he could have walked out of the pounce zone and left.

the guy shot a bear. that's all it was. no additional drama needed. he was provided one of those unique opportunities that happen in the woods and took full and fair advantage of the circumstances. The story writer was tying to make it sound like something different.

From: Grey Ghost
Agree with Bou.

Hunter spooks and trees a bear. Hunter waits for a kill quota call. Hunter shoots bear out of tree. End of story.


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