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Wyoming Task Force-Public Input
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Z Barebow 28-Oct-22
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Z Barebow 28-Oct-22
Mule Power 29-Oct-22
Z Barebow 29-Oct-22
Beendare 03-Nov-22
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WapitiBob 05-Nov-22
From: Z Barebow

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Your comments could help guide future allocations of regular and special draw licenses for antelope, deer and elk. Be courteous and make your point.

Here is your opportunity to weigh in.

From: Oryx35
Thanks for the heads up.

From: Jaquomo
Done. Thanks.

From: TreeWalker
Done. usually this is a waste of time as the deal is done and the ink all but dried on how the increased cash flow will be spent on pet projects and with party operatives. I will try to be slightly optimistic, though WY is headed down a path which increases the ante to get in the game and that hurts hunter recruitment and creates divides between the guys wearing Sitka and those wearing clothes they got on Craig's List or as hand me downs. This "if you have to ask then you can't afford it" approach reminds me of a place I prefer not to belong because I have never been that impressed by most of the people that have money to blow. A few worked their rear end off. Many more won the lucky sperm contest at conception to be born into wealth so have discretionary funds to pay any size of ante to be in the tag game.

From: Z Barebow
I don’t think it is a waste of time in this instance. WTF has opened up public input via this website. (Take a look at meeting materials page). You can see every submission/comment.

I like the comments from line 457 from August feedback. Not my style necessarily, but everyone knows where he stands!

From: Mule Power
I’m confused. We can submit comments to F&G. That might have an affect. But what good can it possibly do for non resident hunters to submit comments to an organization that wants to eliminate non resident hunters???

From: Z Barebow
I look at it like this Joe. Here is my opportunity to say something. I felt that early on, members of WTF were in an echo chamber, repeating stuff they threw against the wall and characterizing it as “consensus “. (The only NR who showed up at an early hearing was a former Bowsiter bought by WYGOA. His supporting comments were characterized as NR support for WTF proposals).

As word got out about public input portal, a better representation of sentiment was gathered. (R and NR) Look at public comments from August. The stereotype that residents hate NR’s was dispelled.

Will Sy change his mind? No. But I think (maybe naively) that at least some TF members listen to public. If I don’t say something, I feel I forfeit my right to comment/complain about an outcome. (Whatever the outcome might be)

From: Beendare
I hunted Wyo elk a couple years ago and we had a group of Wyo residents block a TH. They were camped in their trailer there, armed and flatly stated we need to turn around, that trail was for residents only.

We ended up bushwhacking up a ridge to that general location and someone had alfalfa pellets and 3 mineral blocks near a wallow with a treestand in there.

I should have called a game warden but the last couple times I turned in poachers it cost me a day of hunting.

From: WapitiBob
If the proposal gets tossed at the task force level, it’s pretty much done.

From: Brijake
When I click on the link it only asks for my opinion on the tag split between regular and special, nothing about a price increase?

From: wytex
Mule power obviously the outfitters don't want to eliminate NR hunters, they want all of you to book hunts with them. Residents are not in favor of this or most of their proposals and have gotten some of them shut down. They do read most and will notice the amount for and against the proposals.

The price increase has already been forwarded to the legislature, we need to email those folks now, and the WG&F commission.

From: Inshart
Mule Power hit it on the head! I have 4 points, if I don't draw, I'm done with WY. I have no desire to get into the point game. If I do draw, that will be the last money spent in WY.

Some of the stories posted on here by members of BS, that take their kids on out-of-state hunts are truly heartwarming to see the family bonds. How are some of these "family" traditions/trips/vacations going to continue when you are expected to pony-up for the cost of yourself and a couple kids - possibly taking 4, 5, 6 years to draw tags.

OK, off my soap box. Sorry for my rant. Bob

From: WapitiBob
"When I click on the link it only asks for my opinion on the tag split between regular and special, nothing about a price increase?"

The special license price increase has already passed thru the task force as well as the TRW legislative committee. It's now headed to the legislature.

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